2 detained for tricking people using fake stock trading app | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: The cybercrime branch on Thursday arrested two Ahmedabad-based fraudsters who duped people offering lucrative profits on daily stock market trades. Police seized six cell phones and three ATM cards from the accused. Primary police investigations revealed that the accused deceived 61 people out of Rs 65 lakh.
The accused deceived people through a fake scholarship application.
The accused made advertisements for his bogus stock trading app on social media platforms. They lured the victims and then asked them to download the app through a link. They gave fake ID and password for the app which contains information about stocks and commodities with the ability to buy and sell the stocks. They took money from the victims which showed up on their mobile app account. The victims got involved in stock trading on the app and the accused further enticed them to invest more. But when the victims demanded to transfer their profits or money, the defendants closed their trading account.
ACP (Cybercrime Branch) Akshay Choudhary said complainant Darshan Garg, 53, a resident of Vijay Nagar in Lalghati, filed a complaint with the police in January 2021 stating that an unidentified man called him and lured into the trap offering good returns on a daily basis. stock market trading.
When he agreed to invest, the accused asked him to download an investment company mobile application. The accused asked him to transfer money to his online account, which was on his mobile app. Darshan made daily stock trades for a few days and when he asked the accused to transfer the money earned as profit into a stock investment, his account was closed. He was duped out of Rs 63,000 by the fraudsters. Following his complaint, the police registered a case against an unidentified accused and opened investigations. ACP Choudhary said that after technical investigations, the police arrested two defendants in the case identified as Kartik Darji and Harshil Panchal, both residents of Ahmedabad.

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