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Tokyo, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Lael Brainard said in testimony before the House Finance Committee that “a central bank digital currency (CBDC) could possibly co-exist with stablecoins and commercial bank currencies.” in a complementary way.” The UK government mentioned in its plan for a global technology and investment center for crypto assets that “stablecoins are an efficient means of payment”.

With the rapid development of the digital currency market, the regulatory mindset of some countries has undergone a major change, and its market size has grown rapidly, attracting many investors. In this context, it is especially crucial for investors to choose a cryptocurrency trading platform with stable trading, fast stop loss, security and reliability.

As the leading cryptocurrency trading platform, SBI Coin has become the first choice for many investors. So, how did SBI Coin get great recognition from many market investors and customers, how did it create a diverse ecology, and can it become the engine of the next bull market?

Continuous optimization to ensure stable, secure and efficient transactions!

According to public information on SBI Coin official website, SBI Coin was established in May 2017, after 5 years of steady progress, multiple software iterations, system upgrades and updates for millions of users in 100 countries. and regions of the world. It provides users with a differentiated safe and reliable trading service, free of charge, low spreads and high leverage, multilingual support and 7×24 hours online throughout the year. Over the years, SBI Coin has maintained a high growth rate and gradually become one of the brightest platforms in the cryptocurrency trading platform circuit.

On the issue of security guarantee, SBI Coin staff related to reporters, SBI Coin is committed to providing users with high-quality products and services, SBI Coin has invested very heavily in human and material resources, constantly optimizing the platform system and user experience to ensure the security of investors’ transactions and trading experience.”

SBI Coin staff said that some cryptocurrency trading platforms will experience disconnection, pending orders, and inability to revoke when extreme quotes are encountered. However, when using the SBI Coin platform for trading, even in extreme quotes, it continues to operate stably and smoothly, and there is basically no lag or downtime, which is due to the inherent technical advantages of the SBI Coin platform.

It is reported that the digital asset trading platform SBI Coin always starts from the security issues of the professional security network, builds a strong protection system, and implements the strengthening of various security level measures by simulating risks such as data leakage and capital theft to ensure the security and stability of customer assets. . After many years in the field of digital coin trading and many bull and bear market cycles, the system’s stability and resistance to stress is well known in the industry.

Keep righteousness and innovation, deepen global digital asset trading service

In the face of changing market conditions and user needs, SBI Coin takes innovative products and a professional trading environment as its initial goal, with strong technical support to maximize the security of users’ assets and efficient trading services. . At the same time, SBI Coin’s professional customer service staff has rich industry experience and can provide professional advice and guidance to investors.

In terms of product security, SBI Coin’s system has undergone dozens of updates and upgrades since its inception, and its overall security system is unmatched in the industry. To date, SBI Coin is one of the few cryptocurrency trading platforms that has not experienced any coin hacks.

Innovation and leadership are the revolution of an industry, and the head of SBI Coin believes that “for investors, the work is as good as the tools. The market is constantly changing, and we must continue to provide investors the best assets”. , which will be the mission and responsibility that the SBI Coin platform pursues. In the future, SBI Coin will continue to deepen the global field of digital asset trading services and provide more new and old users with a safer, more reliable, more efficient, secure trading system environment. more convenient and stable cryptocurrency.”

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