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If one of your purposes for this 2018 is to obtain a credit card , and you have already taken a thousand turns in the network trying to find out which one suits you, we make the task easier. We have selected the 5 best credit cards 2019 , compare them and select the one that best suits your profile.


The credit cards

The credit cards

A credit line is always useful for an emergency, a casual purchase or to take advantage of a promotion or discount that only applies with this form of payment. In any case, it is important that the choice of that card is not a decision taken lightly.

In order to choose the ideal card to start the year, it is essential to take into account the following points:

  • Average CAT
  • Interest rate
  • Annuity
  • Minimum Income Required


5 best credit cards 2019

5 best credit cards 2019

Based on the previous indicators and the relationship between each of them, we have selected the 5 best credit cards 2019 .



Annual interest rate Average CAT Annuity Revenue Required Extraordinary benefit

Easy Buy Free


19.83% 25.60% 0 $ 7,500.00

Points and Shielding

Basic Bexxa



96.00% 151.8% 0 $ 2,000.00

Fixed monthly payments in all

your shopping

Smart CitiCredit


54.92% 91.20%


$ 330.00

$ 1,500.00

Points program

Exclusive pre-sales

CitiCredit Finance Sports


14.80% 19.80% $ 645.00 $ 7,000.00

Points, Shielding and Discounts

Easy Buy UniK


19.83% 25.60% 0 $ 7,500.00

Points and Shielding


These cards stand out from the rest for providing a positive relationship between all the factors that comprise it. That is, we cannot determine if a credit card is convenient only for the cost of your annuity or the low of your annual interest rate. A really convenient card does not allow any of the indicators discussed above to be triggered.


The best card is the one that suits your budget and lifestyle

The best card is the one that suits your budget and lifestyle

Here’s how to prioritize your card’s indicators:

  • A credit card that does not handle annuity is convenient as long as the average CAT does not exceed 30.5%
  • Request cards that have an annuity cost above $ 600.00 only if the interest rate does not exceed 30%
  • Choose credit cards whose income required for authorization is at least $ 200.00 below the income you can check
  • Credit cards with low interest rates agree as long as the average CAT is no more than 5 percentage points above the interest figure
  • It is better to have a credit card with low average CAT and annuity than a card without annuity and high CAT

The 5 cards that we have shown you above comply with the rules we set out to determine if a credit card is convenient or not. It should be noted, the additional benefits as one of the important factors when choosing your ideal card, since a credit card with rewards in points can benefit you more than a card only shielded if you usually direct your payments or on the contrary, it can benefit you plus the armored one with less interest if you only use this means of payment for emergency situations.


Annuity is not the only important factor

Annuity is not the only important factor

One of the commissions that weighs the most to the cardholders is the annuity. It is for this reason that many people get carried away when they find credit cards or whose main promotion is “No annuity” because they believe they will pay less for the service.

This can sometimes be counterproductive, since while you might be saving an average of $ 600.00 in annuity payments , you are probably paying higher interest . Always consider all the factors that make up the plastic, benefits, commissions and support. A VISA card is not the same as a MasterCard , no matter how small the difference is in these two payment brands, usually the first one can give you greater benefits in terms of promotions and discounts .


You found here are recommended for an average cardholder

  • With a good credit history in the Credit Bureau
  • With income between 5 and 10 thousand pesos

If you are not in this range, we suggest credit cards for students or departmental , aimed at university students and / or people without prior credit history, or higher-end cards such as gold or platinum credit cards for those who can check income above $ 20,000.