Bibox AI-Powered Crypto Trading Platform Launched in India: Here’s What It Offers | Technology news



Digital transformation has accelerated the need for digital solutions across all industries. Not only do these solutions help reach the global audience, but they also help businesses tackle mass digitization. One of those disruptive digital currencies that is all the rage in the internet age is a cryptocurrency secured by crypto technology. Almost all of the cryptocurrencies available in the market are a decentralized network that runs on blockchain technology. Without interference from a middleman or central authority, cryptocurrency offers whole new opportunities and possibilities for people around the world.

With its huge demand and growing rage, the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow from $ 1.6 billion in 2021 to $ 2.2 billion by 2026. Despite many fair benefits like portability, divisibility, the resistance to inflation and the transparency that the crypto market offers, all crypto trading platform has been found to utilize the full-fledged advantages just discussed. This low success rate and failing security overcame the drawbacks of currency, such as illegal activity, exchange rate volatility, and vulnerabilities under the infrastructure of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Bibox, an AI-powered digital asset trading platform, has announced its entry into India with the aim of revolutionizing the decentralized financing of the market.

Bibox, undeterred by the ups and downs, has chosen to enter the country with global projects in games, NFTs and DeFi.

According to the company, the platform is useful for traders and global crypto initiatives from a business perspective.

Super Start, S-POOL, Pre-taste and the Global Public Blockchain Club are part of the programs of the new “Selected” section of the platform, which provides a wide stage for projects with varied needs.

The company said it plans to hire around 50 people in India, with a budget of $ 10 million for marketing, hiring, and building cryptocurrency-related products and services.

Earning through crypto, copy trading and bot trading tools, and other decentralized financial services are among the new features BiBox is preparing for the Indian market.



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