Bit-Z, a digital currency trading platform receives $10 million in investment


The total digital currency market grew by 400% this year in January. In this diverse situation, people’s attention towards digital assets is at an all-time high, driving the market price of various tokens. At the same time, many people are increasingly concerned about how they too can participate in this lucrative investment opportunity. Token trading “Over the Counter” is marked by transactions with certain risks, such as fraud, hackers, etc. Therefore, voluntary users choose to use well-known platforms, with the credit and strength to ensure the safety of their wallets. Some of these platforms, for example, include exchange platforms such as Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bit-Z and many others.

Recently, the world-renowned digital asset trading platform, Bit-Z, received over $10 million from three international investment institutions, namely: Plum Angel Investment Co., Ltd, Cyanhill Capital and Wa Sung Investment Limited. These three companies have invested in the global digital currency exchange platform which has been operational since 2016. The platform provides services such as crypto-to-crypto trading and over-the-counter services for asset trading digital for users around the world.

OTC trading allows users to trade directly on the trading platform by selecting the counterparty themselves instead of using a matchmaking agreement. Both parties can negotiate transaction prices either face to face or over the phone.

At Bit-Z, users can freely trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other digital currencies. The platform uses a secure bank-level SSL connection to ensure the security of its users’ transactions, as well as the global load balancing of servers and distributed servers to ensure the stability of the platform.

According to information obtained through a third-party site, during operations this year, the number of Bit-Z users has increased significantly. Foreign users of the platforms recorded the highest visits in the world. This ratio is concentrated in the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Brazil and other countries, with Asian users concentrated in Korea, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other country.

Like most crypto exchanges, Bit-Z offers users a single trading account where they can trade across multiple markets. The exchange has opened 4 trading markets, namely: the BTC market, the ETH market, the DKKT market and the USDT market. Currently, there are more than 60 transactions on the Bit-Z online trading platform, with 72 pairs in addition to the Bitcoin and Ethereum trading area, and the DKK token based on the stable value of the Danish krone (DKK) .

DKKT has a good hedging function, and as a trading area, users can easily participate in the transaction. The total amount of DKKT varies with changes in the encumbered assets based on the blockchain tokens issued in the market value of the DKK currency by 1:1. This makes the value of the token stable. The token has achieved a world-class level of security and meets international standards and regulations, thus providing flexible trading as it supports trading with all digital currencies.

DKK Tokens provides digital currency users with a stable solution dedicated to the practical application of blockchain technology. DKK Token is priced to drive the development of internet-based digital currencies.

What is even more unique about Bit-Z is the ability for users of the platform to quote monetary products, in a fair and equitable manner. This allows users to determine which currency can be integrated into the platform, taking into account: the blockchain project team’s platform, history, products, strategies, control potential and comprehensive and multidimensional integrated risk management systems. It provides a more accurate understanding of currency market activity, effectively guiding the global investment in science and technology for the user’s escort business transaction.

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