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TORONTO, May 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Canadian digital currency exchange, has been relaunched and renamed. The new platform has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy for users to buy, sell and hold multiple digital currencies. It also includes a number of new features, including a user-friendly interface for mobile devices, advanced quote features, and graphics creation capabilities. has surveyed thousands of customers about what they are looking for in a digital currency platform. “We have identified the main customer service issues in the digital currency market and have restarted the business to address them. We achieve this by optimizing our online customer service portal and staffing our customer service team. Our goal is to be the fastest growing digital currency platform in Canada by the end of 2018, ”said Jordan Anderson, vice president of marketing and sales.

Customers will be delighted that has also significantly reduced the fees compared to their old model. The digital currency purchase fee has been reduced to 0.75% and the selling fee is even lower at 0.5%. “Previously, we were primarily a buying platform and now our focus is on facilitating buy and sell orders. By reducing our fees, we believe that users will be encouraged to buy and sell in greater quantities, ”says Anderson.

As part of the relaunch, added an educational portal that complements its blog with a focus on educating Canadians on blockchain technology and other digital currencies. “Our customers have shown a keen interest in learning more about how digital currencies work and Canadians in general need to better understand why these technologies are so disruptive,” said Adam Goldman, co-founder. “The market opportunity is huge and we expect double digit adoption for the next few years. is ready to take advantage of this growth and provide Canadians with a convenient, reliable and secure option to buy and sell digital currencies.

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About is no stranger to the world of digital currencies. Launched in 2013 (originally as in downtown Toronto by Jordan Anderson and Adam Goldman, identified a market need for a platform for Canadians to easy access to Bitcoin. Fast forward to 2018,’s founding mission remains the same: to simplify the buying and selling of digital currencies. uses advanced math and proprietary software to automatically source Bitcoin from global markets in real time. To date,’s growth has come organically through a self-evolution approach, recently recruiting a number of former Yahoo! Inc. and Cossette Inc. to key leadership positions and the expansion of their team. is a legal trade name for Monitex Inc., the owner and legal operator of the brand.

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