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NFT staking, commodity trading and high returns in an all-in-one format

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 25, 2021 / – Bitengen, a Bitcoin-based platform offering leveraged trading on several digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, has announced its new “Bitengencoin” project. Designed on the Binance blockchain, Bitengencoin (BENG) is a cryptocurrency that easily facilitates the adoption of users’ digital assets and maintains data records on the decentralized platform. The majority of Bitengen’s staking community and guest advisory members have incredible humanitarian infrastructure solutions and foundations reimagined to vastly restore planetary ecosystems and improve quality of life.

The mission of the Bitengen Core Team is to inspire community-based wealth creation / staking practices leading to exponential innovation in tackling abrupt climate change and the energy needs necessary to transform our civilization into a Kardashev civilization of type 1. Here are two clear initial examples:

1. Their partnership projects with and these are clean and perfectly efficient quantum energy systems tracked by blockchain.
2. Support the MEER project of Rowland Institute at Harvard (, designing surface-based mirrors for Earth energy / temperature rebalancing, hovering over the steep feedback loops of climate change.

“We are excited to launch Bitengencoin, and we strongly believe that it will outperform the competition by making it easier for users to adopt digital NFT wallets in the trading space while constantly increasing their account returns, maintaining records of data on Binance’s decentralized blockchain, and delivering results.We predict that the Bitengen platform will be the most successful energy-efficient exchange on the market, as well as the fastest and lowest-cost to date, with humanitarian values, ”said Dylan Howard, Bitengen Advisor and Representative.

The NFT marketplace, which will come online upon completion of the Initial Exchange Offer (IEO), allows for hassle-free trading. At the same time, proven market strategies allow users to profit from winning trades consistently. Digital currency is listed on many exchanges to promote profitable interactions with other crypto traders across the world, thereby expanding the market reach of users.

The Bitengen team aims to be among the best online trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry and maintain our reputation as the most trusted and trusted partner. Moreover, with a token supply of 3 billion, backed by its own Crypto Exchange, Bitengen is the best trading platform with advanced data visualization. It enhances excellent trading strategies for crypto traders and the developing NFT marketplace, offering clients the opportunity to enjoy maximum takeoff towards achieving their financial goals.

“At Bitengen, we remain committed to creating a dynamic and most innovative platform that equips our users with all the tools necessary for their trading activities. In a rapidly changing and ever-expanding industry, we are continually refining our services to meet the needs of traders around the world. We have always followed a client-oriented approach and placed the interests of our clients at the center of all our operations. he added again.

Bitengen offers a robust trading system for beginners and professional traders that demands very reliable market data and performance. The entire infrastructure is designed to facilitate high commands per second and extreme loads while providing ultra-fast command execution and low latency.

Bitengen’s roadmap plans for 2022 include:
1. Launch an NFT Marketplace – given the current market landscape and the community’s love for NFTs, this would be a huge success.
2. Launch a mobile app for the NFT market – this would allow them to reach an even larger audience as mobile usage explodes
3. Add the top 50 cryptocurrency pairs on the platform to activate more trading options
4. Activate margin trading so traders can earn more even if they have less
5. List BitengenCoin on major crypto exchanges, including Binance
6. Marketing their NFT Marketplace is in full swing!

A fundraising sale for the “BENG” Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) begins on December 25, 2021 with an expected price starting at $ 0.06.

• 20% of the total supply will be open for IEO sale, and the funds raised will be used for the improvement of CryptoExchange and for the development of the NFT market
• 25% of the profits from the exchange will be used to redeem the tokens, which increases the value of the Bitengen token.

There are lots of great bonus offers out there, so hurry up and participate in the sale. Accelerate your financial growth under the guidance of the highly skilled and efficient team at BitengenCoin. BitengenCoin will be available on and Bitengen exchanges. handles sales of tokens like BitengenCoin and promising crypto assets, making it easy for users to invest in new currencies. There are also services available for the users such as the deposit of earnings program, regular gamification events – airdrop and trade competitions. The IEO starts on December 27 on the exchange. BitengenCoin price will start at $ 0.09.

To learn more about how to participate in the IEO, please visit Where

Dylan Howard – Representative Bitengen
[email protected]



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