Brad Rustin Discusses Gamification Of Stock Trading With Emerging Litigation Podcast


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State and federal regulators are carefully examining recent innovations in the consumer experience of financial services, including gamification and other features to capture the attention and engagement of the next generation of consumers.

Partner and Chairman of the Financial Services Regulatory Practice of Nelson Mullins, Brad Rustin recently joined the Emerging Litigation podcast to discuss the unique challenges that traditional technology providers and digital brokerage face amid increasing competition to attract business. consumer attention. Rustin discussed the litigation landscape around these issues and the need for financial services companies and regulators to balance the scales as more and more retail clients (many young and inexperienced) realize that transferable securities involve market risks.

Rustin began his career as a litigator focusing on litigation related to consumer financial services and the defense of regulatory claims against licensed and unlicensed financial institutions, financial entities and money services businesses. As the regulatory environment facing financial institutions has changed and become increasingly complex, he now spends most of his time advising financial institutions on regulatory matters, including strategic agreements, product development. and operational compliance.


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