Breaking the trading platform track pattern, the unicorn route of the Tidex exchange


The main existing stock exchanges pose many problems. Countless users have sent countless feedbacks on these exchanges, but the problem persists and there is no improvement. Therefore, instead of waiting for the existing major exchanges to adopt our reviews and improve their products and services, it is better to choose a product that can directly solve these problems and change the status quo of the market.

The prestigious Tidex Exchange is actually the product of unmet need in the cryptocurrency industry. Tidex is a digital asset derivatives trading platform that is completely different from existing exchanges in the market.

The exchange tracking pattern has been set, the new exchange has no chance to move forward, which is why some investors were not optimistic about the tracking pattern for the exchange. exchange at the time. With hindsight, this is in fact a false proposition,. Tidex and the aforementioned exchanges are not exactly on the same path. As a unicorn in the crypto circle, he breaks solidified thought.

The business model of spot trading is relatively straightforward, relying mainly on the industry sense of the team. Tidex. Tidex ( is an international exchange located in London, England, which is officially supported by the Waves blockchain platform. Tidex has strong trading performance and a seamless trading experience. Many varieties of trading give Tidex users a better experience and support over 30 digital asset index trading contracts. Any long and short position can use flexible leverage and increase returns. Multiple digital asset regulations provide users with multiple choices. Stable foreign exchange contracts use USDT as margin, and standard currencies use digital assets as trade margin.

Tidex’s high liquidity helps to realize the price discovery function and pay close attention to the forex market. The excellent market makers in the industry provide Tidex with liquidity while offering a full VIP level, which can lower your transaction costs. Tidex leads the currency trading innovation model, provides a variety of consumer virtual digital currency transactions and is committed to providing digital currency enthusiasts with a safe, fair, open blockchain digital asset trading platform. and efficient!

Providing users with a more decentralized DeFi financial experience, including Metaverse, is Tidex’s consensus and direction. Of course, this has to be done through the blockchain and the underlying framework of NFT and DeFi. Tidex will also work hard on this and give users more choices.

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