Capitality a revolutionary Swiss trading platform for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies!


Capitality, the new leading online trading platform, is a great place to start trading Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s dramatic rise has prompted many traders to search for a new broker that will provide them with access to the cryptocurrency market.

Capitality provides CFDs on Bitcoin and a variety of other cryptocurrency pairs.

Capitality, a subsidiary of Capitality Group based in Switzerland, offers CFD trading for Bitcoin as well as over 15 other cryptocurrency assets such as Ether, Ripple, ADA and others.

At Capitality, CFD traders will find everything they need to start trading Bitcoin. It has a robust and user-friendly trading interface available for desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to access the markets anytime, from anywhere and even on the go.

Capitality offers a full-service mobile application called Capitality App for iOS and Android devices. With access to Capitality’s platform, you can start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency CFDs the same way you trade currencies and commodities. If you are new to CFD trading, Capitality provides a variety of educational resources to help you get started.

The many advantages of trading with capital

Capitality provides over 300 assets to trade CFDs on, in addition to a wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs. These include well-known stocks such as Apple and Facebook, as well as leading commodities
like gold and oil, and, of course, money. Capitality also operates on a 0% commission strategy.

The main advantages of trading crypto with Capitality instead of other brokers are:
– Seamless customer experience

They are looking for partners rather than customers, partners who will commit to a long-term and profitable relationship.

– Make profits when the market goes down, not just when it goes up

The beauty of CFD trading, compared to traditional trading, is that you can also take advantage of downtrends, by shorting the specific asset, this means that if you believe a particular asset will decrease in value during of the next period, simply open a short position. and take advantage of the downtrend.

– Leverage and zero slippage on low volume crypto pairs

Leverage is used to simulate increased asset volume, for example with 1 BTC the user can access 1:100 leverage which will impact trading with 100 BTC, when BTC increases of 5%, the trader will get 5% of 100 BTC, which is equivalent to 5 BTC + 1 BTC initial investment, compared to non-leveraged trading where from 1 BTC with a 5% increase, the trader gets 0 .05 BTC only.

Another very popular feature is also to allow traders to use low volume pairs, where altcoins with low trading volume quickly increase in value, but if traded on normal exchanges, traders will not be able to make high volumes due to the slip created as an effect. low volumes. In other words, let’s take a low volume coin, less than $200,000 per day, the price of which increases dramatically, but if you were to buy $50,000 of that coin on the exchanges, the price you would pay would be 50 % higher than prices. displayed, similarly when selling, you would get 70% less than the displayed price.

Capitality allows partners to request the addition of custom pairs to serve their interests, making it the fastest growing crypto trading platform around.

– Impeccable reputation and optimal security towards customer funds and data

Capitality has the best reputation of any emerging trading platform, and together with its experience in institutional trading services, it provides the peace of mind needed to trust a financial institution. At the same time, customer data security is above regulatory level and all customer funds are held with a third party
fully regulated banking provider accounts with direct access only from the client side, providing added peace of mind.

Capitality does not charge a commission when trading cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to get the full bitcoin experience without incurring additional fees. Clients can also benefit from increased market exposure with leverage of up to five times since all cryptocurrencies are traded as CFDs. It also removes the possibility of cryptocurrency theft.

Capitality also provides a specialist market consultant, 24/7 support and free educational materials. These include actionable analyst research, daily market updates, economic trend monitoring tools, webinars, live news, and more. When you are ready to trade with real money, you can open a real account with an initial deposit of €500 and a minimum investment of 0.01 lot.

Visit to learn more about the online trading platform for Bitcoin and register now.

Company Name: Capitality FS International LLC
Company address
Address: Grosspeter Tower, Grosspeteranlage 29
City: Basel
Postcode: CH-4052
Swiss country

Name of company representative:
Victor Ehrlichmann
Company representative position: press and marketing
Company Representative Email: [email protected]


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