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NEW YORK, NY, Aug. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There are currently approximately 7,000 different private digital currencies with a combined market value of hundreds of billions of dollars, and billions of dollars are already traded daily across all digital markets . currency trading platforms around the world. However, as digital cryptocurrencies are characterized by the anonymity and irreversibility of transactions, and the free flow of capital across borders, choosing a reliable digital trading platform is crucial for investors to avoid risk. Among the existing platforms, IB Coin is favored by investors for its secure and reliable trading environment.

The digital currency trading platform is a kind of online platform designed for digital currency trading. In other words, it is a “distribution center” of digital currency transactions. However, among so many digital currency trading platforms, how should investors choose a reliable one? According to interviews with IB Coin veterans, different trading platforms have different features. Some trading platforms can only trade one or more digital currencies, while others only provide legal tender trading services for certain digital currencies. Broadly speaking, exchanges can be divided into three categories: specialized online trading platforms, digital currency broker platforms and direct trading exchanges.

Not all exchanges are trustworthy, according to IB Coin veterans. Most digital currencies are difficult to track, and platforms are generally unable to protect funds in investor accounts in the event of a technical failure or hack. Therefore, choosing a secure and reliable digital trading platform is paramount.

How to choose a reliable trading platform? IB Coin veterans believe that as a digital currency trader, there are several factors to consider when choosing a trading platform: transaction fees, capital security, privacy protection, customer service, prompt problem handling, internet security (hacking), technical failure, order execution efficiency, etc.

The IB Coin digital currency trading platform is widely recognized in the industry. Firstly, it does not charge any opening fees, account maintenance fees, transaction fees, stop loss fees, deposit fees, storage/distribution fees, etc. Second, it provides physical trading and leveraged trading services. Small trades can be made from around $100 with the narrowest point spread in the industry. Leveraged transactions can be made with a cash balance as collateral, and only IB Coin can charge leverage fees. Third, it offers a variety of trading options. Some experienced traders often have higher requirements for digital currency trading, such as: does the exchange offer margin trading? Can the stop loss be placed? Are there related derivatives exchanges? Can the trading interface be charted (trend lines, Fibonacci lines, triangles, etc.)?

In addition, IB Coin, renowned for its reliable security services, develops one of the largest integrated financial services on the Internet in the United States. The platform builds robust technical defense systems and implements various security measures to securely protect client assets.

It is reported that the IB Coin digital currency trading platform was founded on May 26, 2017, with years of market services unanimously praised by investors in the industry. An IB Coin veteran said, “The crypto asset is a significant breakthrough in science and technology financial innovation. As a digital currency trading platform, IB Coin will continue to adhere to the concept of secure, professional, considerate and extreme service that lives up to every customer’s trust, progressing towards the goal of becoming one of best international digital asset exchanges.

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