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Good Finance website offers a wide range of information about the creditor as well as the services, interest, borrowing and repayment terms it provides. Website design is easy to see, so you can quickly find everything you need for consumer credit. If a car loan is needed, the debtor will automatically open another website – by pushing on the auto credit hyperlink.

On this website you can find a wide range of information on all of this type of credit. If necessary, you can borrow from 200 up to 3,000 EUR. Credit interest varies depending on the loan amount – the higher the principal amount, the lower the interest rate; the percentage varies between 7.72% and 9.5%. 

However, each customer’s demand is assessed individually.

However, each customer

As well as for existing customers who want to borrow again, solar credit employees can offer even more favorable terms and lower interest rates. Solar credit is one of those creditors who are interested in long-term credit liabilities, with repayment terms ranging from 12 to 36 months. However, a repayment term of 36 months can only be obtained if the loan amount is at least EUR 1 500. Since this creditor does not issue quick loans, the application is processed within 30 – 60 minutes of the work.

Then, in the event of a positive response, the contract for which commission is to be paid is also drawn up. These expenses are individually calculated based on the amount of the loan. Once the contract is executed, The cash loan is credited to the customer’s bank account within one day. If it is not possible to repay the loan on time, it is also possible to extend the repayment term, but in this case you should definitely contact the employees of the Sun credit. Likewise, no interest-free loan or SMS credit is possible.

With regard to car loans

With regard to car loans

The customer can receive up to 70% of the value of the pledged machine after the valuation. The credit application is processed during the day. The creditor will then offer the amount that he can issue to the borrower. If the customer is satisfied with the amount of the loan, he / she must arrive personally with the mortgage machine. You should be notified by phone67 315 ​​002 inadvance.

Credit processing itself will take about 60 minutes of customer time. Once the commercial pledge registration is approved, the money is also transferred to the debtor’s account during the day. When receiving a car loan at this company, it is important to know that the technical passport is not changed because the machine remains in the customer’s name, and it is also possible to continue using it for the customer’s needs. However, a vehicle that is pledged cannot be sold, nor is it prohibited to leave Latvia. With regard to the vehicle to be pledged, it should be noted that all penalties must be paid in advance, and that the technical inspection must be valid for at least another 2 months. Also, machines with a model older than 1999 cannot be pledged.

Customers must also meet certain criteria

Customers must also meet certain criteria

To receive a consumer credit or a loan against a car collateral. Unlike other credit lenders, solar credit offers a cash loan from 21 to 65 years old. The debtor must also have an official income of at least EUR 420 (net). When submitting the application, both given name and surname, as well as personal identity number, address, type of place of residence (apartment, private house, etc.), family status must be indicated.

However, mandatory fields are directly email and phone number. It is also required to indicate the amount of income and the type of income. Also, credit history should be described – if it is damaged, you should explain briefly why. In the case of damaged credit history, the lender individually advises whether or not to grant the loan and what the conditions will be if the loan is granted.

The purpose of the loan must also be stated. Depending on each borrower and other factors, solar credit employees may also require a guarantor. In order to receive a loan, the borrower must have an official income of at least 6 months and must have an active bank account with one of the Latvian commercial banks.