Experts Give Helpful Tips on Stock Trading at Stanbic IBTC Webinar



By Aduragbemi Omiyale

Knowledge, they say, is power and with the changing world it is very important to always update what someone knows in order to be well informed, especially in the investment world.

This is the main reason why Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers, a subsidiary of Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, recently hosted a virtual session to enlighten Nigerians on the potential for investing in the stock market.

The Stanbic IBTC webinar on the topic Don’t you know stocks? So go featuring stock market experts like Afolabi Gbenro, Head, Sales Trading and Benjamin Jesumuyiwa, Head, Mandate and Settlements, both of Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers with Tosin Olaseinde, Founder of Money Africa, Jennifer Awirigwe, Certified Financial Educator and Solafunmi Oyeneye of Wealth Motley, has Personal Financial Educator as panelists.

The objective of the session was to familiarize those new to the stock market with basic terms of the stock exchange, useful tips on stock trading, and how to use the Stanbic IBTC stock exchange app.

Afolabi stressed the importance of diversifying investments in stocks and listed factors that affect stock prices like supply, demand, news and investor sentiment.

He said the benefits of the investment include dividend yield, capital appreciation, shareholder privileges and the use of investments as collateral, stressing the importance of research and advising Nigerians to conduct their own. research and evaluate companies before investing.

Regarding the considerations before going public, he said: “You would need a capital, an investment objective and an assessment of the risk profile to determine the type of investment in which you should. venture out. You will also need to keep up to date with market updates.

Benjamin Jesumuyiwa, Mandate and Regulatory Officer, Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers, urged Nigerians to invest in stocks to reap long-term benefits.

He said, “The stock market makes it easy to buy shares of companies and they can be bought through a broker or through online platforms. Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers offers a reduced rate of 0.7% on brokerage fees. Once you’ve created an account, stocks can be purchased within minutes.

Benjamin spoke about the ease of use of the Stanbic IBTC web and mobile application platforms, saying the platforms were designed to allow customers to register on their own, with direct market access.

Tosin Olaseinde praised Stanbic IBTC for making equity trading accessible and affordable for Nigerians as individuals can open a brokerage account with zero naira.

She advised beginners to invest while learning about the stock market, and recommended exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as an entry point, especially for people who have an aversion to high-risk investments.

She said: “As a beginner the best place to start is Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). It is a mixture of different actions in the same title. It gives you the opportunity to participate in a few stocks without buying everything individually.

Solafunmi Oyeneye mentioned liquidity and dividends over a long period of time as advantages of stock trading, encouraging newbies to access the Stanbic IBTC stock market app through their smartphones for more convenience and less paperwork.

Jennifer is of the opinion that the stock market is a good place to invest because it is highly regulated and the risks can be easily assessed. She also recommended the Stanbic IBTC Stockbroking app for stock trading for ease of use and speed.

The Stanbic IBTC Equity Investment Series further reaffirms the financial institution’s commitment to providing individuals with the essential information needed to make informed investment decisions.



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