FinoTrend Review – The Best Trading Platform for Beginners


For a beginner, trading can be really interesting. It’s also a lucrative way to make some quick cash. Considering that there is a very fast return on investment, trading has been taken up by many people. Yet only 1% of traders are successful.

But what is even more interesting is that out of this 1% of traders, 95% of them trust their trading platform. According to them, it is the right trading platform that makes you a complete trader. Newbie and still looking for what could be the best trading platform for you, FinoTrend should be your first choice.

There are some really awesome features that make FinoTrend the best for beginners.

FinoTrend Features You Can’t Miss

You must not miss the following features of FinoTrend if you want to succeed.

  1. High leverage on your trades:

Not all beginners start out with a lot of money. Yet everyone dreams of building an empire.

Now you don’t have to worry if your cash in hand isn’t huge. FinoTrend offers excellent leverage so you can get the most out of your trades. Leverage depends on the type of account. It starts from 1:!0 and goes up to 1:50. Having leverage ensures that you actually ensure that you get big profits from the perfect trades. It also reduces your cash requirements. Isn’t that really a cool feature?

  1. Several trading instruments for you to trade:

You are exposed to several instruments that you can trade on. With over 60 currency pairs as well as commodity and stock markets, you can diversify your portfolio. It’s great when you can actually diversify your sources of income and not depend on just one.

  1. Unlimited open positions simultaneously:

From the expert account, you can actually have multiple positions open. Why is this important?

In general, successful traders don’t just play on one leg, they hedge their positions instead. This is where multiple open positions are important. If multiple open positions are allowed on your trading platform, you can hedge your position to ensure you don’t suffer a loss. For a beginner account, you only have a limited number of open positions that you can hold. As a starter, this seems sufficient.

  1. Portability of your trading platform:

Now you don’t have to worry about sitting at your desk all the time while trading. Carry your trading platform wherever you go with mobile platform integration.

It really is a much talked about feature. FinoTrend gives you the freedom to take your trades with you. And, honestly, you really don’t want to compromise on that.

For a beginner, selecting the right trading platform is always important. It is a springboard for your growth. There should be no sacrifice on that. FinoTrend offers you the best beginner account offer on the market. Grab it right away, with both hands.


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