Gains Network Launches Leveraged Chain Stock Trading


Gains Network is now the first DeFi ecosystem to allow users to trade equity prices on-chain with leverage. The leveraged stock trading beta launch includes $AAPL, $GOOGLE, and $FB as the first three supported stocks. The platform will gradually add more stock over the next few weeks and months. Additionally, users will be able to enjoy high leverage trading without paying funding or borrowing fees.

What does it bring?

Gains Network uses Chainlink, a state-of-the-art decentralized oracle network, to ensure stock prices are always accurate. There is no influence on transaction prices, and the user is safe from scammers and scams, and the risk of liquidation is also low. US stock prices will open for the first time on May 2, 2022, when the market opens at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. On May 9, the team will release a second set of 20 major US stocks, which have yet to be announced.

Gains Network Founder Sebastien said, “We are thrilled and honored to be the project that takes DeFi to a major milestone by being the first to offer synthetic leverage trading on the spot price of stocks. Americans.

To achieve a significantly higher level of liquidity efficiency than any competing platform, Gains Network uses synthetic leverage, which is not borrowed in any way, anywhere. With a unique synthetic leverage trading architecture, it uses the $GNS utility token to run its trading platform. To execute trades on all gTrade pairs, the ecosystem uses two pools of liquidity.

It is advantageous to use this method because it eliminates the need for the protocol to create liquidity for each pair. An unprecedented trading volume of over $11 billion has passed through gTrade. When these popular US stocks eventually become available to all consumers, that number will likely increase significantly.

About the Gains Network

The Gains Network is best known as the creator of the decentralized leveraged trading platform, gTrade. It is based on the Polygon distributed ledger technology. Hence, it improves transaction speeds and reduces transaction costs for Ethereum-compliant DeFi blockchains and applications. GNS tokens are the native currency of the network.

Due to its attractive incentives, Gains Network has developed a competitive business model, leading to its rapid growth. For example, the network now has the highest leverage for crypto trading, with a maximum of 150X available. Moreover, it supports forex trading which is rare for a crypto platform.


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