Horizon Blockchain Games Raises $ 3.75 Million in Seed Funding for Virtual Trading Cards


Horizon Blockchain Games Inc., a video game studio and blockchain-distributed ledger infrastructure company, today announced a $ 3.75 million funding round led by the venture capital fund of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

This seed funding follows a global trend in blockchain technology sought by companies to create secure digital assets that mimic real physical objects. In this case, the virtual items are collectible and exchangeable cards for the online game of Horizon “SkyWeaver. “

The game is currently in private testing and the goal is to prove the value and ability of Horizon’s blockchain system to provide a secure platform for minting, issuing, owning and trading virtual playing cards.

Using its own blockchain infrastructure and the public Ethereum blockchain, virtual collectible cards in “SkyWeaver” can be created in limited runs and retain real scarcity, players can also prove ownership of specific cards and securely verify transactions. with other users.

“Blockchain technology has given birth to the next generation of the web: the internet of value,” said Peter Kieltyka, co-founder and CEO of Horizon. “This new web marks the transition from applications as networks to applications as economies that share and exchange value with their users and co-creators, providing revenue sharing at the protocol level.”

Since digital cards can be owned and traded in a proven way, this gives them similar value to their physical counterparts used in collectible card games with printed cards.

This negotiability is the basis of many internal community economies for games such as “Magic: The Gathering”, a very popular collectible card game introduced in 1993. Cards such as a first edition “Black Lotus”, with illustrations by Christopher Rush, in good condition, were seen offered for sale for up to $ 20,000.

According to Horizon, “SkyWeaver” blends the best aspects of online and physical collectible cards and is designed to be accessible to casual and competitive players. Players will be able to purchase cards in boosters, participate in tournaments, and win cards in games that will be part of their blockchain-secured virtual decks.

Players will then be able to play with, trade, offer or sell their cards on the Ethereum blockchain network for real value.

“At Horizon, we are passionate about giving games blockchain superpowers by giving our players the freedom to own and trade their digital items on an open internet,” Kieltyka said.

The game is expected to launch with cross-platform play – as a web-based game it can run in almost any browser – and will debut with over 300 unique cards of varying rarity.

“I can’t wait for people to play ‘SkyWeaver’,” said Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. “It’s a whole new gaming experience that brings all the fun of childhood collectible card games back to life – in a browser – and with the ability to redeem cards like the good old days.”

Horizon’s “SkyWeaver” follows a trend of virtual collectible card games taking advantage of the proof of ownership provided by blockchain technology. In 2016, EverdreamSoft SA’s “Spells of Genesis” blockchain card game launched with its own set of redeemable cards on iOS and Android and earlier this month, Fuel Games’ “Gods Unchained” launched its own. beta version.

Cards for these two sample games can be traded on blockchain digital asset markets between players and, due to the rarity and popularity of cards, have real value. Blockchain technology has also been used to authorize tradable digital assets from video games, such as those explored by the cross-game market DMarket and the Gamania Group’s blockchain-based virtual object trading infrastructure.

Ohanian’s venture capital fund was joined by investors from Golden Ventures Partners Inc., Polychain Capital LP, Coinbase Inc., Digital Currency Group and Inovia Capital in this round.

“SkyWeaver” is expected to launch its public beta in fall 2019.

Image: Horizon

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