How the Continental Trading Platform Can Benefit You


By Josephine Christophe

What opportunities can Tanzanians use in Acex?

Tanzanians will have access to Acex through Forex and crypto trading. Tanzania is extremely rich in minerals and therefore miners can list some of their minerals on our exchange and they will attract buyers from Africa and the rest of the world.

Tanzanian farmers, just like their counterparts across the continent, can also showcase their agricultural products on the platform so that they can be seen by buyers around the world.

Tanzania has a large youth population and being an online business, we anticipate that this is the group of people who will benefit the most from this platform.

It is because this group of people are easy to train, nurture and guide in how they can be gurus in this field. It is easy to get them to use avenues like crypto and forex trading, commodities, oil, gas, as well as an avenue for companies to list or raise capital through various programs or drivers of value that exist.

How do you plan to attract Tanzanians to this platform given their low level of e-commerce engagement and digital currency adoption?


Tanzanians are a very important part of the East African Community and therefore efforts should be made to ensure that they are given equal opportunity to access the Acex platform. This objective will be achieved through the creation of Acex partners and franchisees. With these local partners, it will be easier to upgrade, educate, train, guide and make this community a bigger player in the Acex business platform stage.

In terms of belief or non-belief in digital currency, suffice it to proclaim the success achieved by early risers within a single Tanzanian community. When they see people they can identify with being successful, it will become easier to convert non-believers and that is why we want to work with local communities in Africa.

With what level of income can an individual be part of Acex?

To become part of Acex, all you have to do is buy the platform’s digital currency in the form of TEM coins. To start, it would take 100 coins which according to the current price, one TEM coin is sold at $1.34 (about Sh3,200).

What kind of returns should an investor expect, say monthly or annually?

Like any business investment, there are risks and that means you could gain or lose your investment. However, our highly experienced team is more than capable of guiding our investors to ensure that they do not suffer unnecessary losses.

What I can assure both our existing and potential investors is that the returns are lucrative when following the instructions and investing in the right project within the Acex platform. They must therefore approach the Acex platform with a lot of confidence. This is a platform from Africa for Africans and for us to trade and profit from and bring financial independence to Africa.

Can SMEs obtain financing in the Acex platform? How is it done?

For SMEs, we have TE’s venture capital business which does SME financing. Our website is very interactive and can be visited to receive advice on how to obtain funding from us.

What is the inspiration behind the configuration of the Acex platform?

Acex was inspired by the fact that Africa as a continent is extremely rich in all kinds of wealth ranging from minerals, oil and gas, agricultural products and natural resources, but despite all these resources, Africans do not still only export raw materials to the west. countries.

The key to all of this is the fact that we have no marketplaces where buyers of these products can contact us directly. This means that the intermediaries who buy our raw materials in Africa bring them to their countries, add value to these products and then resell them at a higher price and sometimes they resell them in Africa at prices that we cannot afford.

Therefore, the role of Acex is to ensure that Africans have access to these markets and even generate revenue for value addition here in Africa without going through intermediaries and cartels.

The other factor that inspired the creation of Acex was to bring the forex trading business which generates around $6 trillion a day in 2019 closer to Africa, but Africa does not get any significant share. A majority of us fear being scammed by some of these trading platforms based outside of African borders.

We want to make sure that Africans have their own trading platforms where we can all trade without such fears and where we can use the skills that some of our Acex leaders have, train, teach and guide our African entrepreneurs on the right ways to trade and get back.

Crypto business is where all assets are traded, maintained, acquired through a digital technology called blockchain, this will also happen in Acex. Africa is already making great strides in this area but we still don’t have an African stock exchange that can enable such trading and that’s why we came up with Acex


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