International trading platform Bitdogex deepens NFT Metaverse layout


New York – According to reports: In 2021, the total trading volume of the Bitdogex exchange will exceed US$10 billion. Bitdogex announced the Metaverse investment plan and will roll out the Metaverse. Today, the Metaverse is considered the ultimate evolutionary form of the next-generation Internet, and it is a concrete manifestation of the digital society. In March 2021, Roblox, an American game company, went public. The stock price soared 54% on the same day, with a market value of over US$40 billion. He mentioned in his flyer that “the metaverse is coming true”, which accidentally caused the American tech circle to explode and become the most buzzed term. Based on this, Bitdogex accelerated the establishment of NFT and Metaverse in the global market.

Bitdogex is an international stock exchange located in the United States. Bitdogex has served users from all over the world. Bitdogex’s core team and investment consulting team are made up of experts from many countries around the world. The operations team has 12 years of experience in the blockchain industry. The United States, Canada, Singapore, Estonia, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Dubai and other countries and regions have independent shopping centers and operations.

Bitdogex is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform, allowing traders and investors to perform transactions of any size with confidence without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform or its order management system. Integrity and robustness. Long-tested and with high transaction volume, Bitdogex has extensive experience in operating exchanges and blockchain research and applications. Currently, it has millions of active users. The Bitdogex trading platform is powered by an advanced matching engine, multi-currency support and known for its friendly customer service.

After years of quantitative analysis and research on the fundamentals and technical aspects of investing, blockchain and other derivatives, the Bitdogex trading platform has developed a set of stable earnings through coin mining virtual market, exploration of market rules and establishment of numerical models. Quantitative business model. Overall control is the most important technical advantage of Bitdogex. Using features of blockchain technology, it aggregates the highest quality financial assets in the world.

Compared with the traditional service system for individual users, Bitdogex pays more attention to providing professional, convenient and safe products and services for institutional and professional users, aiming to further improve the service system of the crypto market, while by satisfying the investment of various users. Going forward, Bitdogex will be committed to bringing subversion and innovation to the NFT infrastructure and metaverse, and gradually building a new world of virtual digital civilization.

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