JSE virtual trading game: audience can win while they learn to play

JSE virtual trading game

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Virtual trading game is growing in popularity as more people become aware of how it helps individuals learn how to invest.

JSE Marketing and General Affairs Manager Vuyo Lee explains that the JSE virtual trading game was launched to raise awareness of the stock market.

Since its inception, the Virtual Trading Game has attracted an increasing number of participants, says Lee.

“The JSE Virtual Trading Game is a game that aims to teach South Africans how to invest in the JSE and the greater role that such investment plays in the country’s economy,” Lee explains.

“The game helps participants become familiar with the fundamentals of investing and encourages them to research and strategize around trading JSE-rated instruments.”

While the current JSE is a growth platform for companies looking to raise capital and connects buyers and sellers in the equity, derivatives and debt markets, the Virtual Trading Game offers insight into the stock Exchange.

Lee says participants in the JSE virtual trading game learn and test their trading skills through a simulated trading program, where performance is tracked and measured.

The JSE sees the competition as a real opportunity for South Africans to learn more about online stock trading.

“As the largest stock exchange on the continent and a responsible corporate citizen, we would also like to play an active role in creating a financially literate society in South Africa,” says Lee.

“What better way to do this than to allow South Africans to learn real investment and stock market trading skills while participating in an exciting game, and also have a chance to win investment vouchers for their participation?

Explaining how the virtual trading game works, Lee says participants are offered R1 million in virtual funds to invest and trade.

“Since the million rand is virtual, participants have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” says Lee.

“Rise to the challenge, invest in yourself, and learn how to grow your money so you can build a financially secure future for yourself.”

Rankings on the leader board are based on the holdings (wins and losses) of each player. To simplify matters, the competition only involves the trading of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Participants will also benefit from earning interest on their cash balances.

Who qualifies to participate in the JSE virtual trading game?

The virtual trading game is open to the general public, anyone who is a South African citizen or a resident of South Africa.

Excluded from participation are high school learners and higher education students as there is the JSE Investment Challenge for them, professional traders or those who work for a stockbroking firm, asset management or management institution of heritage.

Directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents or consultants of the JSE, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members are also not eligible to participate in the Virtual Trading Game.

Lee says the JSE really hopes that through the virtual trading game, retail investors will see that investing in the stock market isn’t as intimidating or complicated as many people tend to think.

“We strongly encourage people with an interest in money and financial matters to take this opportunity to learn and earn while gaining an early appreciation for how a well-regulated market for financial instruments works,” says- she.

This exciting competition runs until September 23, 2022 and is an opportunity for people to learn how to invest in the stock market through a simulated trading game that mimics listed stocks that are traded on the JSE.

R100,000 up is up for grabs in investment vouchers, so don’t hesitate any longer and start trading today! The winners will be announced on September 28, 2022.

“I strongly encourage anyone interested in wealth building and investing to take this opportunity to learn and earn while gaining an appreciation for how a well-regulated market for financial instruments works,” says Lee.

To register, players should go to virtualtradinggame.jse.co.za.


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