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Liquidity loan: How does it work?

Liquidity loan: How does it work?

The personal liquidity loan allows you to request up to a maximum amount of 30,000 euros to be repaid in comfortable installments with a duration of up to 120 months , all without having to provide any reasons for the loan. The personal liquidity loan, in fact, differs from the finalized loan, precisely because it can be requested for any reason, even simple liquidity, and the sum paid is not tied to the good or service that is purchased.

You can request a personal liquidity loan to buy cars, motorcycles, furniture, travel or anything else. The motivation is indicative and not binding for the purpose of evaluating this funding request. The liquidity you requested will be conveniently credited to your current account and the installment will be withdrawn monthly. Get Your Free Quote Now!

Liquidity loan: Who can request them?

Liquidity loan: Who can request them?

The valuation of the liquidity loan can be different for each individual institution, which adopts different valuation criteria. The loan is obviously granted to those who have the ability to repay the debt , therefore people reported , protested and indicated as bad payers are not authorized to have access to this personal loan.

The loan is therefore reserved for all clean people in databases with an age ranging from 18 to 75 at the end of the loan and who are employees, with a pay check as proof, autonomous with their respective tax returns and pensioners with monthly pay slips INPS.

Liquidity loan: Why is it rejected?


The personal liquidity loan is rejected by the banks when the name of the applicant is in a database such as Crif, Experian and Ctc , edited as a bad payer . Verifying this data for banks is very simple, as they have the possibility to access and consult the central bank of risks of the Bank of Italy.

It is not possible to access funding even to protestors who have therefore had problems with bills and checks. Some reasons for which the liquidity loan can be rejected are, for example, the repayment capacity deemed inadequate, the delay or non-payment of some loan installments, having requested a loan too recently and perhaps not even been successful , having many monthly commitments that lead to excessive debt or have acted as guarantor for a loan in which the applicant pays badly the installments.