MDYCoin Trading Platform Attracts US$16 Million Financial Investment with Good Legal and Compliance Practices


“Join MDYSCoin to start your wealth creation journey”

Virtual currencies continue to be highly publicized and many retail investors are entering the market to participate and trade through relevant investment platforms, but most of these platforms have not obtained licenses. MDYS Coin Group Limited (“MDYSCoin”) as a growing online trading platform adheres to legal compliance and security, has gained positive word-of-mouth among industry and users and has even attracted a large volume of investment.

MYDSCoin has obtained a US MSB license and a strong commitment to three principles of legality, compliance and security. The company’s leadership comes from financial regulators and related industries, who are dedicated to bringing best practices to the investment trading industry. By establishing a professional code of conduct, MYDSCoin has earned a good reputation in the market. After two rounds of funding, they managed to attract a total of US$16 million, bringing its valuation to US$200 million. The number is impressive and exceeds 70% of its competitors. Major investment institutions include JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, etc., which values ​​the company at $50 million. The funds raised will be used to strengthen the three professions.

MYDSCoin clients include listed companies, fund companies, family offices and high net worth individuals. They are interested in virtual assets, but at the same time have doubts, so they need various information to facilitate their investment decision. Therefore, they provide 24/7 professional customer service and conduct detailed consultation and risk analysis with their customers. For MYDSCoin, all customers are equally important, and they hope to become the most reliable wealth creation partner for all.

So far, MYDSCoin has already accumulated 1.1 million users worldwide with an average of 60,000 daily active users and a daily trading volume of $8 billion. Their core business and products are options, leverage, dark pool bulk trading and its self-issued MDYS coin. The founders of MDYSCoin mentioned that being a rising star in the investment platform is not easy, “In the license application process, we maintained close communication with regulators, and at the same time, we have referenced existing and foreign laws, and tried to do our best within the existing framework to build the confidence of regulators, their commitment to legal compliance and security may not be helping them to grow rapidly in the beginning, but certainly helps them to gain market share and investor confidence in a sustainable way and ultimately grow into a true industry leader. MDYSCoin founders also said: “Don’t be quick money, people should take more time to choose a trustworthy platform and avoid being manipulated by illegal traders.”

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