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Zinvest Online Broker Launches New App Design, Targeting a New Generation of Investors

Zinvest Global Limited (“Zinvest Global” or the “Company”), one of the leading and rapidly growing digital brokerage firms in China, today launched a redesign of its Zinvest share trading app in Singapore and in India for Apple iOS.

Along with the launch of its application design, Zinvest Global also unveiled the opening of its new service team in the United States to better serve the South East Asia region.

Zinvest Launches New App Design, With Cleaner, Intuitive and Immersive One-Stop-Shop Investment Platform in Singapore

After improving the efficiency of the platform and the execution of transactions for users in China and Hong Kong, Zinvest Global aims to expand outside its headquarters, supporting clients in markets such as ‘India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore which represent the company’s ambitious vision to democratize access to financial markets and investment education for a younger population.

Zinvest, a commission-free stock trading app backed by Zunjia Securities, aims to be among Asia’s top three online trading companies within 3 years, focusing on empowering the younger generation to investors to pursue their financial goals through better market accessibility, fueled by popular interest in stocks such as GameStop, Tesla and AMC. By providing access to the US and Chinese markets, young investors have greater investment capabilities while exploiting varied service offerings such as data options, thereby reducing friction with global investment products.

“Given the limitations of the current environment, we have decided to expand into Southeast Asia not for the direct pursuit of business growth, but to continue our progress by enabling people to improve access. to online services and modern financial technologies without borders, ”says Bingshan. Song, founder and CEO of Zinvest Global. “The potential effect of digital platforms, such as Zinvest, allows investors to embrace financial technology as an extension of themselves and retain greater ownership of their financial future. “

“With the wide acceptance of a more digital friendly environment in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam, we have accelerated our pursuit in international markets,” he added. “The financial infrastructure needs to be renovated and we believe Zinvest is serving as a signal to other industry players to collaborate. “

“Investors are hungry for a better solution,” says Brian Cedeno, Head of Product Management (US) at Zinvest. “We interviewed several target users from different backgrounds. No matter where they were, from India or Pakistan to Singapore and Vietnam, their goal was the same: to find a simpler and faster way to invest while enjoying the investment experience. Through our ongoing research, we are confident that we have achieved this ability to provide an optimized solution to an industry apathetic to innovation.

Zinvest, originally developed in 2019 and aimed at residents of Mainland China and Hong Kong, offers commission-free equity trading for users in Greater China and Southeast Asia. Users can invest in stocks, IPOs, bonds, ETFs, options and other assets in the US, Hong Kong and Chinese markets. Zinvest Global is regulated by the SEC of the United States and the SFC of Hong Kong, insured by the SIPC and the ICC, and is a member of FINRA.

With the new design of the Zinvest app, users can access powerful tools, such as in-depth trade analysis, advanced market data, after-hours trading, real-time stock quotes and quotes, and 24/7 updates, combined with the convenience of trading in multiple markets with its own multi-currency trading system.

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The Zinvest mobile app is also available for download from the Apple App and Google Play stores:

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About Zinvest Global Limited

Zinvest Global Limited (“Zinvest Global”) is a digital brokerage firm transforming the online investing experience in Asia. Zinvest Global and its subsidiaries provide investment services, including equity trading and clearing, margin financing and advanced market data for Hong Kong, United States, and Chinese stock markets, to individual investors through its exclusive one-stop digital platform.

About Zinvest

Zinvest is a trading platform offered by Zinvest Global Limited and provides a powerful investment experience for the next generation of investors by allowing users to invest in stocks, ETFs and ADRs, all commission-free. Zinvest improves the trading process with transaction documentation, up-to-date news, real-time market data and real-time stock quotes.

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