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Centralized networks have helped bring billions of people onto the Internet and create a stable and reliable infrastructure on top of it. At the same time, a few centralized giants have a virtual monopoly on the Internet and can even do whatever they want.

Web3 is the solution to get rid of this dilemma. Unlike the traditional Internet, which is monopolized by tech giants, Web3 is decentralized and built, operated and owned by all users. Web3 empowers individuals rather than businesses. at its core, Web3 returns power to users in the form of ownership via blockchain, cryptocurrency, and non-homogenized tokens.

What are the advantages of a decentralized exchange, where ownership is “returned” to the user and the user controls? A decentralized exchange does not hold the user’s funds, leave them in the hands of a third party, or have 100% control of the user’s assets. Since all assets are stored in the trader’s own wallet, there is less chance of being targeted by hackers and less fear of the exchange stealing from itself, making assets more sure.

Web3 creates a different kind of spark

Web3 gives you ownership of your digital assets in an incredible way. Users can directly take ownership of their accounts and no one has the right to take your ownership away from you. MEME is the world’s first DEX and CEX compatible Web3 exchange, with an innovative Web3 interactive system. Can support simultaneous wallet/email login, no KYC authentication required for users. Secure and anonymous, no need to worry about your leaked information, assets are placed in your own wallet, more secure and reliable.

On the MEME exchange, ownership belongs entirely to the user. Trading smart contracts on MEME ensures that trades are executed in a strictly user-defined manner, with no centralized third-party intervention in the process, thereby protecting execution and enabling greater transparency of the underlying trading mechanism.

What are the advantages of choosing MEME Exchange for futures trading?

MEME Exchange ( is a derivatives-focused crypto exchange. MMEX was launched on July 27 and in just under a month we have already exceeded $6.12 billion by trading volume over 24 hours. We believe this is mainly due to MEME’s great user experience and unique affiliate program.

1. Higher commission based on transaction fees from your referred users

2. There are no KYC requirements making it easy to promote and use

3. Ability to create sub-agents and customize sub-agent commission rate as you wish

4. Official social media co-promotion to help you increase users.

5. Marketing campaign: giveaways, trade contests, fee waivers, etc.

6. Access to a complete media kit to distribute promotions (banners, videos, articles or personalized material)

7. Get full IT and marketing support from a professional account manager.

8. Strong partners – Mathwallet, Bitkeep, Walletconnect, Everest, etc.

MMEX is a secure platform for trading crypto perpetual contracts

From traditional exchanges, centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges, we have witnessed the rapid development of the cryptocurrency trading market and the evolution of the whole process. Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency space agrees that decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrencies. Due to the current industry, digital asset trading is still insecure and simple. Blockchain-based decentralized exchanges have created a whole new concept and become the new trend. And SAME, as a perfectly compatible exchange between DEX and CEX, Web3 will surely become the backbone to promote the development of decentralized ecology and establish a more secure, open and convenient trading platform for users.

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