MetaTrader 4 (MT4): The best trading platform


MetaTrader4 (MT4) is certainly one of the most powerful platforms for the retail forex market. This is Metatrader 4 PC Download already provides a download link for over 95% of registered forex brokers. It is one of the trading systems that have the most functions and statistics available. However, the MetaTrader4 (MT4) was not initially designed in this way and was not very popular right away.

The MT4 was first released in 2005. Although this edition and the used now are quite comparable, many improvements and new functions have been introduced since that time. When the MT4 model was created in 2015, there were only a few trading software operators for organizations because trading software was not widely used by people.

Therefore, being a pioneer in the field has many more advantages than disadvantages, as with any new model. Of course, the first edition was vague and users had to search hard to find a MT4 download computer link to start, then clear the way on their own in the absence of a guide. Since all potential customers have no other choice, they had to approach and become addicted to the services. Today the average trader has access to a variety of tools. Virtually all traders have used MT4 in demo mode or real mode. Here is what makes MT4 the most used platform:

Features of MetaTrader 4

The MT4 platform offers traders a variety of alternatives for trading at all levels, including expert advisors, stock trading, customizable trading systems, comprehensive technical analysis and electronic trading applications.

Market-related indicators and services expand the boundaries of MT4. Users can mimic the movements of other traders using the indicator service, and the market offers a wide range of experienced professional and technical indicators that can be paid for. This makes it a trading platform of choice for a host of traders with varying requirements.

Why is MetaTrader (MT4) so ​​popular?

The MT4 platform is used by thousands of traders worldwide and can provide traders with a risk-free trading environment. Nevertheless, the following factors explain a significant part of its popular appeal:

∙Friendly user experience: The user interface of the trading platform is beautifully designed and allows users to easily trade in the volatile currency market. It is a platform that can meet the demands of both novice and experienced traders, regardless of the level of trading knowledge of the user.

∙ Support for multiple languages: The MT4 trading platform can handle a large number of languages, so traders around the world will have no problem using it in their own local language.

∙Package for advanced mapping: The price chart is one of the elements that forex traders use frequently to aid in their assessment of the currency market. Its powerful charting tools allow traders to simultaneously assess and manage the market. Traders can add a variety of technical indications from the chart package to their stock chart.

∙High security: Security is crucial to ensure traders’ private data is protected due to the nature of FX trading. MT4 provides traders with a highly secure market environment that is impervious to hacking attempts due to its 128-bit security link.

Metatrader 4 traders

Due to the requirement for investors to select a suitable broker and open an investment account, the approach to stock investing is quite similar to forex trading. MT4 is available from many platforms for Mac, PC or mobile devices, making trading transactions easier for both novice and experienced investors.

In light of this, the list of MT4 traders below offers a selection of the best platforms, with a focus on their commissions, variety of resources and trading systems.

∙ Due to its wide range of assets and affordable trading costs, is considered the best platform for MT4. With, users can trade over 130 currency pairs, including a number of unique items not offered by other companies. Also, since all expenses are included in the range, no fees are required to initiate an FX transaction., which offers close collaboration with MT4 for PC or Mac, requires users to register before installation. The program will have “1-click trading” capability and over 85 pre-installed MT4 indicators. Clients can download the MT4 trading platform to their smartphone, making it easy to trade on the go.

∙Libertex: Libertex is one of the most affordable MT4 providers because there are no spread fees to be charged to clients when they make a trade. Instead, Libertex charges a nominal commission when a transaction is initiated or completed. Being one of the best low margin forex brokers to work with, this commission depends on every $1000 involved in an item and is further compounded if a liquidity ratio is used.

∙AvaTrade: AvaTrade is the best selection for the best MT4 trader with additional MT4 support. AvaTrade is a reputable CFD broker with over 50 currency pairs that can be traded. The platform, which has been in use for over 15 years, is regulated by a number of prestigious organizations including the Central Bank of Ireland.

∙ Skill: Due to its low margins, Skilling is a well-known MT4 broker. Since more than 70 currency pairs can be traded through the “Premium” account with minimal fees, many people believe that Skilling is one of the biggest Algo trading platforms. Even though this account has reduced spread fees, each transaction is subject to a commission.

∙ Investors in the United States who wish to use the MT4 application can choose to work with With over 90 trading pairs, enjoys an outstanding reputation in the forex market. The “STP Pro” account offers users access to substantial availability to choose from various account options.


The best MT4 brokers in the market have been reviewed in depth in this article, with particular attention paid to their prices, services and product choices. Users can choose a platform that suits their needs and immediately start trading with MT4 by reviewing the information provided in this guide. Nevertheless, remains our first choice broker for MT4. ensures that there is always a trading option for both novice and experienced investors, as it offers around 130 currency pairs to invest in.


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