Moneycontrol brings India’s largest virtual trading game – Moneybhai


MUMBAI: Moneycontrol, India’s Leading Financial Platform, Introduces Powerful and Modern Stock Simulator – Moneybhai; a unique investment simulation platform aimed at giving the opportunity to learn trading by experiencing the markets in real time with real data using virtual currency. The platform seeks to provide hands-on experience and market learnings by enabling users to make risk-free investments.

With the aim of instilling the quality of risk taking and promoting the ability to learn finance, the investment stimulation platform targets new investors in the 18-34 age group. She will use real data from the stock markets to replicate the experience. to use a real online brokerage account. How Moneybhai works will see each player receive virtual money of INR 1 crore in their wallet account with a maximum trading limit set at INR 1 crore per day. With the use of their capital, these players will be able to invest in different assets like commodities, mutual funds, term deposits and stocks. If someone does not like their trading options and the decisions made, Moneybhai will also give users the freedom to reset their wallets to the original price of INR 1 crore.

Moneybhai provides a host of unique features that promise an interactive and engaging trading experience for users. They understand:

· My Investments – Showcasing the portfolio, transaction history and income statement, this feature gives players access to all information related to equity, debt and mutual funds they invest in.

Transaction – This section helps to invest in different asset classes across equity, debt and balanced funds, depending on the preferences of each user

Leagues – Allows users to invite their friends to form a league, allowing a small group or community to compete against each other

Leaders – Highlights players who are currently at the top of the leaderboard

Learn – Educates players on basic stock market investing strategies

Rules – This section displays the rules for playing the game

Speaking about Moneybhai, Moneycontrol Commercial Director Gautam Shelar said, “Moneybhai is a new attempt to prepare and educate our users about the financial know-how of the Indian Stock Exchange, in a secure artificial setting. Moneycontrol has kept one step ahead thanks to a multitude of innovations and services using the best of technology. Taking into account the ever-changing preferences of our audiences, the modern stock simulator seeks to make it a seamless and interactive user experience. The wealth of information we produce, which is available to users, will continue to educate our users. This will ultimately lead them to prepare to trade in the real stock market over time and help them make better investment decisions.

Users can enjoy the Moneybhai experience by visiting their website:


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