MTFXG Wins Dubai Best Copy Trading Platform Award


Dubai, October 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MTFXG is known for its advanced and effective performance-based partner programs in the world of Forex trading. The company is recognized around the world and has now bagged the “Best Copy Trading Platform Award“at the Dubai FX Expo 20201.

The Dubai Forex Expo 2021 is a revolutionary platform where expert traders, newbies and Forex professionals meet in one place.

The FX Awards recognize the most successful financial service providers in the world and recognize those who bring something unique to the table. This year, MTFXG won the “Best Copy Trading Platform Award“.

One more souvenir in our collection.

MTFXG won the award for “Best copy trading platformbecause of the exceptionally reliable trading experience they have provided to their traders. They ensure the safety and reliability of their customers. Another reason is the transparency they offer. They keep their trades, spreads, commissions, margins and other requirements transparent and allow their traders trading freedom and flexibility, knowing that it is essential for traders to win at trading. There is no doubt that traders have chosen MTFXG as the best copy trading platform this year.


MTFXG is a globally trusted financial services provider that offers traders multiple instruments, low spreads, and extremely fast execution. With MTFXG, traders gain access to advanced trading tools, benefit from an exceptional trading ecosystem and reach their full trading potential.

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