NAGA Launches Equity Trading For 0.99 Euro Per Trade In Over 100 Countries, Announces Own NFT Platform For Q4



Hamburg, October 26, 2021 – NAGA Group AG (XETRA: N4G, ISIN: DE000A161NR7), provider of social trading, cryptocurrency and payments network is launching new products for its investment and trading platform. digital assets.

With immediate effect, NAGA introduces physical stock trading for 0.99 EUR per trade for clients from over 100 countries. This means that NAGA can cover many more regions than the competition at extremely attractive prices.

“Our vision is largely based on a broad range and direct access to financial products around the world. During the current year, we have recorded more than 3 billion euros in trading volume in equities, mainly in Europe. After a long planning period, we have now succeeded in expanding the offering of shares to over 100 countries while offering an extremely attractive pricing model. Thus, we now offer more than 1,500 marketable assets. With this step, we will be able to reach a wider range of users and at a lower cost. The entire offering is also instantly connected to our social trading functions, ”said Benjamin Bilski, Founder and CEO, commenting on the launch.

He adds:

“Financial influencers who normally present their own trades on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok already use their own NAGA profile and successfully monetize their content through the platform. With the expansion to a more attractive pricing model, we expect increased user activity. ”

The offer is live and accessible from the NAGA account. More information is available at

NAGA’s NFT market is coming

NAGA is also announcing its own NFT market which is expected to launch at the end of the fourth quarter. NFT stands for “Non-Fungible-Token” and allows the assets or their ownership structure to be digitally stored on a decentralized database via the blockchain. NFTs are particularly popular in digital art, sports, and music. The volume of trade in 2021 is estimated at more than $ 20 billion.

“The NFT market is growing rapidly and will continue to develop. With NAGA, we want to offer our users a direct route to NFT trading and position ourselves early as mass adoption is not yet to come. Since a digital wallet and cryptocurrencies are required for NFT trading, and we already offer it on our platform, NAGA users will be able to enter the world of NFT directly without additional registration. We strongly believe in the NFT market because almost anything can be symbolized. The NFT movement is revolutionizing ownership and making it virtually independent of location, ”says Bilski.

The NAGA NFT platform will allow users to create and exchange their own works of art, music and digital content. The internal NAGA wallet will be used to pay and store NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can also use the NAGA NFT platform through a wallet connection. Income is generated by creating as well as actively trading on the platform. NFT owners can dynamically set “royalty fees” and thus receive a percentage of the transaction per transaction. NAGA also plans to drop off its own NFT collection for the launch.

“We expect greater reach, new acquisition channels and new revenue streams. We will become the first investment platform to offer social trading, stock trading, cryptocurrencies, payment services and NFT trading. This once again underscores our vision of becoming a super app for investing and managing digital money, ”concludes Bilski.

Interested parties can already register on a waiting list at and be informed directly of the launch of the platform.

About NAGA

NAGA is an innovative financial technology company that has developed a socially enhanced financial system that creates a unified and transparent personal finance and investing experience. Its proprietary platform offers a range of products ranging from trading, investing, and cryptocurrencies to a physical Mastercard and social investing features such as feed, messenger, and auto-copy. NAGA is a synergistic, accessible and inclusive all-in-one solution that offers a better way to trade, invest, connect, earn, acquire and pay, both in fiat and in crypto.

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