NAGAX, a crypto trading platform, is rolling out a multi-coin staking feature


NAGAX, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has launched its crypto-staking service for the most prominent cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT) and other famous altcoins.

The platform also allows users to stake the native NAGA Coin (NGC) to earn high APRs on their cryptocurrencies. This can help both new and seasoned crypto investors profit from their idle tokens, thereby increasing investment returns.

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Additionally, NGC token holders can earn a higher return on their staked coins through the VIP program. Investors can earn immense returns with a minimum wagering time of 24 hours and a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

However, the staking term remains customizable for all staking investors as their staked coins have no time restrictions. The longer the staking duration, the greater the rewards.

The staked returns for NGC holders are graduated, allowing them to earn between 12% and 20% on their assets, depending on their investments. Those who invest more than 10,000 NGC will receive a minimum of 20% APY, while those who stake less than 10,000 NGC will earn approximately 12% APY on their staked coins.

What more in store for stakers?

NAGAX is a social crypto trading environment launched in early 2022 and provides users with a safe, transparent and fast exchange platform for over 70 crypto assets.

It provides a simple and connected feed where crypto traders can get news and discuss ideas, a protected wallet, crypto staking, and the chance to earn even more rewards and bonuses on popular currencies by holding their coins native NAGAs.

To create the best all-in-one social cryptocurrency trading platform possible, NAGAX plans to implement various features in addition to crypto staking soon.

In the not too distant future, users should be able to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage on the NAGAX derivatives platform. Users will also be able to emulate some of the most successful traders in the cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, an NFT marketplace is being developed which will allow users to set up their storefronts and create NAGAX tokens at no cost on the private NAGAX blockchain.

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