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Everything is often easier and faster online, including credit. We will see how the use of a comparator makes it possible to obtain a positive response in principle at the lowest APR rate on the market, thus avoiding paying too much interest.

The advantages of online credit

The advantages of online credit

The advantages of online credit are numerous:

  • Free : applying for a loan online is both free and without obligation.
  • Accessibility : it is possible to carry out a loan simulation anywhere, anytime. The only condition is to have internet access from your smartphone or computer.
  • Simplicity : no difficult question involving having access to specific documents is asked when applying for credit online. Our credit questionnaire is content, for example, with four simple steps (identity, address, location, budget).
  • Speed  : fast credit is obtained online. It only takes about ten minutes to complete your request. The policy response is generally immediate.

You can use several means of communication to apply for credit online. But the advantage of online credit is that it always helps to get an answer quickly.

The quick online credit is often accompanied by an immediate response in principle. Some organizations even offer to sign the credit contract electronically, and send supporting documents by email.

Banks however are lagging behind on this issue of easy online lending. Banks’ websites rarely allow a credit simulation at the rate actually offered. Most establishments mainly offer loan solutions only to their customers.

Online credit: why use a comparator?

Online credit: why use a comparator?

Comparing the best credit rates online is the best method to get fast credit at the best APR rate. A credit agency cannot offer the best rates for all projects, all durations and all amounts.

And even if he could, his promise could not be kept very long. Competition is fierce in the consumer credit sector. Some specialists choose to favor their car loan offer, while others offer cheap credit on the personal loan without proof.

These trends can change quickly, especially since certain special promotions regularly upset the rankings. This is the reason why our comparator is connected in real time at the best rates offered by the largest online credit organizations.

Online credit rate comparison

Online credit rate comparison

Let us illustrate the possible rate differences between the best credit agencies through a quick comparison. We selected a personal loan of $ 10,000 in 36 months for the purposes of the example.


The two best specialists in consumer credit offer a relatively close APR rate here. The third best organization, yet just as famous, offers a much higher APR rate. The interest applied in the third offer is almost twice as high as that of the first. A hole.


Online credit = immediate answer in principle

Our online credit comparator has two functions:

  • Rank the best organizations on the basis of the TAEG rate actually offered
  • Provide an immediate response in principle to each request

We have therefore developed an exclusive credit questionnaire. It provides the ranking of the 3 best custom rates for each credit report. It can be a request for a personal loan as well as a car loan, or simply need money. Whatever the desired project, the organization offering the best APR rate of the day is immediately questioned.

In case of refusal of the best organization, it is possible to question in one click the specialists classified in 2nd and 3rd place. The objective is to offer easy access to credit for everyone, without having to ignore the best APR rate.

Alternatives to online credit

Alternatives to online credit

In an agency

Some credit organizations – Sofinco for example – have a few agencies in France. It is therefore possible to go there for advice, or even file a credit report. Other organizations such as Carrefour Banque and Banque Accord have spaces within their department stores. We always prefer to apply for credit online immediately rather than going to an agency.

By phone

All credit companies offer to subscribe by phone. You can describe your need by phone and the account manager will present the most suitable solution to you. Note that most credit organizations have toll- free numbers up to $ 0.15 including tax / minute. A credit request by phone takes on average 10 to 15 minutes.

Online loan: 14 days to withdraw

Finally, it is good to know that any consumer credit, whether taken online or through conventional means, gives access to a 14-day right of withdrawal. A withdrawal slip is generally attached to the credit contract, making it easy to reverse your decision.

Online credit documents

The main credit organizations now offer to send supporting documents directly online. This possibility makes it possible to obtain a credit online faster.

Some even go even further, offering a 100% online signature. It is indeed possible to apply for a loan without ever leaving your computer or smartphone, in a few simple steps. A way to further shorten deadlines.

Online credit from banks

Online credit from banks

Banks are late. The consumer credit of the banks is the poor relation of their offers. Indeed, to recruit new customers, banks tend to make offers on mortgage or savings products. This is the reason why only the best bank customers have access to good consumer credit rates. it is very difficult to get a good rate from a bank, or even to be accepted. Our study of online bank credit draws the same observation.

However for those who think they can get an attractive rate from their bank, here is the negotiation method that we offer:

  1. Get the best credit rate online
    Just use our credit comparator to receive a credit proposal (non-binding).
  2. Make an appointment with your banker
    The banker likes to see his customers. He will make his proposal at that time.
  3. Get the best rate Use
    the online credit proposal to ask the bank to match the APR rate.

Online credit: the pitfalls to avoid

Online credit: the pitfalls to avoid

The simplicity created by online credit demand has allowed credit agencies to lower their rates considerably.

The main trap to avoid when applying for a loan online is to hope to get a very low rate found in an advertisement or commercial offer.

Indeed, the rates placed at 0.90% or 1% APR are only catchphrases. In fact, these rates are generally only valid for repayment terms of 12 months. However, only the wealthiest can afford to repay a loan in just 1 year. Once the credit has been refused for obvious reasons of insolvency, the organization will then have plenty of time to make a new proposal. Problem, the APR rate will no longer be as attractive. The main trap to avoid is that of being dragged by a single player, forgetting to compare the offers.