SBI Coin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform: making investments safer


Tokyo, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Digital currencies are experiencing a “cold winter” as the Federal Reserve continues its aggressive “shrinking.” According to CoinMarketCap, the entire cryptocurrency market lost over $500 billion in value in the last week alone, and many individual cryptocurrency investors are facing a dilemma similar to 519 in 2021, which makes it crucial for investors to choose a cryptocurrency trading platform with stable trading. , stopping the loss of time and security. The reporter recently learned from SBI ( that its new SBI Coin trading service system went live and used technical iteration optimization on April 30. This will effectively realize free switch trading of various digital assets such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and dogcoin, providing a safer and more reliable environment for trading digital currencies.

The reporter learned that SBI Coin has been dedicated to the service of cryptocurrency trading since its establishment in May 2017 and has always maintained a high growth rate. Today, it has become one of the most popular digital currency trading service platforms, providing a series of cryptocurrency trading services such as Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, dogcoin, etc., for millions users in 100 countries and regions around the world. It provides users with a differentiated safe and reliable trading service, free of charge, low spreads and high leverage, multilingual support and 7×24 hours online throughout the year.

A safer and more secure business environment

Most digital crypto trading platforms currently offer multiple security protections for users and investors, such as dual login authentication, PGP encrypted email communication, email alerts or SMS, etc., but that’s nothing compared to ever-changing technology. No matter how sophisticated the technology, there are still times when hackers can exploit it. Therefore, it is vital to have a contingency mechanism in case of security incidents.

Different trading platforms have different approaches to this problem. For example, Firecoin and Cryptocurrency have risk funds in place to deal with security incidents, but risk funds are ultimately a product of centralization.

SBI Coin starts with the security concerns of the professional security network. It builds a strong protection system and implements enhanced security level measures by simulating risks such as data leakage and capital theft to ensure the safety and stability of clients’ assets.

More stable trading environment, low spreads and high leverage

Cryptocurrency users are spread all over the world. When the market fluctuates, platforms often have to manage millions of traffic in a short time. In order to cope with extreme market conditions, SBI Coin has developed a more responsive and dynamic scaling technology, which allows it to expand its server resources more quickly to cope with the impact of increased traffic. important when a big market is coming. As a result, SBI Coin’s trading service can still operate at high speed when other trading platforms are lagging or disconnected in extreme market conditions.

The SBI Coin platform allows small trades of around $10 and leverage multiples on account balances, allowing small amounts of capital to be leveraged into large investments with the lowest spreads of the sector. At the same time, to help users manage their own risk, SBI Coin has also introduced an “immediately executable price range” to help investors stop losses in time and minimize risk.

SBI Coin is committed to the welfare of investors and moving forward to create a safer trading system! SBI Coin, a self-developed digital currency trading platform, has been online and operating securely for five years. Going forward, SBI Coin insists on its mission to provide a safer, more reliable, more efficient, more convenient and more stable cryptocurrency trading system environment for new users.

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