SGX Chain Launches New Digital “Gold Trading Platform”


Seoul, South Korea, December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Samsung Goldex Co., LTD. announced on 24 novembere the launch of its new “gold trading platform” where anyone can easily trade “digital gold” using digital gold vouchers and SGX tokens.

The SGX blockchain-based platform capitalizes on the rich experience of Samsung Gold, which has been distributing physical gold since 1970. Samsung Goldex’s reputation and credible know-how for the SGX blockchain-based token and voucher digital gold are catching the attention of major players in the industry.

The gold exchange platform guarantees the safe exchange of value as a digital means of distributing physical gold. SGX uses a digital currency for the exchange. Access and verification of transactions are secured using the Ethereum blockchain network. The network used around the world also allows the issuance and management of digital currency at minimum cost. Users enjoy the highest standards of security and convenience with SGX on blockchain.

Samsung Goldex Park CEO Chung-gyu said, “SGX is a secure and accessible platform that integrates the functionality of blockchain and gold. He added: “We are building a safe and convenient platform where people can buy and hold gold with their smartphone, PC or whatever device they have.”

Samsung Goldex collaborates with Samsung Gold for national gold distribution; and with OBORI Asia Limited for the global market.

The digital gold distributor works with a Seoulbased financial institution – VI Investment Corporation, for financial advice and to work in fundraising with US GEM and Dcapital de Vietnam and Singapore.

Samsung Goldex is expanding its digital gold voucher and SGX blockchain business through collaborations with the Fandom Foundation, which operates the Fandom-CRTR Creator Ecosystem Platform and the TikTok Abbreviated Global Mobile Video Platform. In addition, Samsung Goldex is strengthening its technology and business by cooperating with mainnet-based IT company Nirvana Chain, which has 51 developers working across 4 continents.

With the aim of establishing a digital and blockchain-based platform as well as a global distribution channel for gold, Samsung Goldex aims to go public on a global exchange of digital assets.

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