Sivarasa calls for retaliation from MACC after bringing Azam Baki stock scandal to light | Malaysia


R. Sivarasa of PKR today claimed that MACC is taking retaliatory action against its service center manager after raising the issue of MACC Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki’s involvement in the Dewan Rakyat . — Photo by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, 23rd January – R. Sivarasa of PKR today claimed that MACC is taking retaliatory action against its service center manager after he raised the shareholding issue with MACC Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki, in the Dewan Rakyat.

MP for Sungai Buloh pointed out that Service Center Manager KR Naveen, who is also his nephew, recently received a letter from MACC, informing him that he will be arraigned in court for an alleged corruption offence. tomorrow.

Sivarasa said the alleged offense actually took place around 2017, before claiming the charge was retaliation for raising the issue of Azam Baki’s substantial stake in listed companies.

“This retaliatory action by MACC will only further damage his reputation as it will be seen as motivated by personal factors and ulterior motives.

“If MACC thinks this is going to set me or my colleagues in Parliament back on this issue, they are dead wrong.

“I hope the Prime Minister will see that the integrity of a key MACC institution is seriously tarnished by such retaliatory actions.

“His statements on the fight against corruption will seem increasingly hollow,” he said in a statement here.

On December 14 last year, Sivarasa tabled an urgent motion for parliament to discuss the allegations against Azam, but this was rejected by the Speaker of the House.

Recounting the timeline of events, Sivarasa said that in August 2017 he publicly raised an issue with the Immigration Department involving a Bangladeshi businessman who was corruptly obtaining permits for Bangladeshi workers as cleaners and hotel employees using fabricated documents.

Sivarasa then said that three staff at his service center were then detained by MACC about a month later after they were investigated for trying to solicit money from the man. Bangladeshi businessman in exchange for giving up the problem.

“I officially declare that this allegation is completely false, malicious and without any basis.

“My staff nor I were in any position to control what action the DG of Immigration would take regarding the matter which I had already raised publicly.

“My staff also weren’t in a position to decide what I would or wouldn’t do about it,” he said.

Claiming that he too had made a statement to MACC, Sivarasa said MACC then clarified that no charges should be brought against any of its employees after their release.

He also noted that if evidence of wrongdoing by his staff was found, MACC could have charged them immediately.

“Now, a month after raising the issue of Azam ownership in Parliament on December 14, 2021, a baseless allegation has suddenly been revived by MACC to charge my staff.

“The whole action of MACC stinks of a personal vendetta intended to try to tarnish the image of my service center,” he said, adding that a legal team will prove his employee’s innocence in court.


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