SOLID P2P trading platform upgrades its interface and features and launches a referral campaign


Hello everyone in the crypto community!

Today we have prepared for you a review of the new features and improvements of one of the most promising new P2P platforms for trading crypto-assets – the SOLID P2P.

Over the past few months, the developers of this cryptocurrency exchange platform have worked tirelessly to make the platform even more convenient.

An enhanced three-step loyalty program has been prepared for users who are considered professional P2P participants.


partner programs
Picture by SOLID P2P

For all active participants of the exchange who not only trade cryptocurrencies at profitable rates but also share this opportunity with their friends and acquaintances, SOLID P2P gives a chance to get a percentage of the commission paid by their referrals. The conditions for increased referral compensation are very fair. With an increase in referrals, each invited user’s commission reward rate increases proportionally!

To learn more about this additional passive income opportunity, visit the Solid P2P Affiliate Program page now!

As unfortunate as it may seem, there is a recent trend in the world of crypto assets to anonymize users of cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same time, many platforms will require you to go through a full verification process to complete the first crypto exchange transaction. Only after that you will be able to carry out foreign exchange transactions.

The strong P2P platform pleasantly surprised us – any newly registered user can transact in exchange for assets immediately after registration! You can agree that this is a significant advantage that sets SOLID P2P apart among similar services. It is essential when it comes to crypto exchanges. You want to withdraw money to a card or an electronic payment system without worrying about a whole verification procedure.

If you have any experience with crypto exchanges, you probably know that each platform has its unspoken withdrawal limits. Solid P2P allows all its users to withdraw up to $5000 per month. You can agree that this minimum monthly withdrawal limit bar will suit most of us who need to exchange crypto for fiat a few times a month, usually in smaller amounts.

Moreover, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced user, the maximum amount for a single transaction is also very high – $1000.

And those who trade crypto for fiat currency or vice versa for a living, there is an option to increase their monthly withdrawal limit up to tens of thousands of US dollars. They can do this by simply increasing the total amount of transactions on their account or the accounts of their guest users.

account status
Picture by SOLID P2P

If you still have questions about the platform, you can send your request to Solid P2P technical support. Even unregistered users can use it!

Picture by SOLID P2P

If you have read our previous review – introduction to Solid P2P, you probably already know that users of the website have access to its Blog. As the project is actively developing, more interesting posts are appearing on how to make money in the crypto industry and increase financial literacy. Be sure to check out this section and learn a lot of new useful things for yourself – they explain complicated things in detail so that even the most inexperienced user can understand everything.

Picture by SOLID P2P

You probably already know that no successful business in the world has been meticulously thought out, planned and implemented on paper and only then realized in practice. For those who want to learn more about the Solid P2P project, there is a Whitepaper section on the main page that will tell you more about the platform.

white paper
Picture by SOLID P2P

There are no unnecessary details in the crypto business. If you want to learn the whole process of trading crypto on Solid P2P by heart, you can find a very detailed and informative diagram in this section.

exchange process
Picture by SOLID P2P

The majority of crypto projects have often thought about issuing their tokens. This thought also happened in the Solid P2P project – the Whitepaper section also contains information about the developer team and the project roadmap.

Picture by SOLID P2P

The strong motto of the P2P team is: “We value people and do everything for their comfort.”

road map
Picture by SOLID P2P

They apply this slogan at every stage – the site interface is automatically loaded in the user’s language. Most likely, the developers of the project invented some kind of chip for automatic internationalization of site pages for users around the world.

We assume that in the first part of our article we managed to arouse your interest in this crypto-project, and now it’s time to talk about new tricks in the personal accounts of Solid P2P users.

The developers of this trading platform must have received good feedback from their users. Now on the main page of the Personal Cabinet, you can find a convenient menu for quick navigation to the main sections of the P2P site.

Picture by SOLID P2P

At the same time, the Instructions was supplemented with video guides on basic user actions such as depositing and withdrawing funds and creating a crypto exchange or redemption request from an existing template.

Picture by SOLID P2P

Clickable icons have been added to the upper right part of the interface for quickly subscribing to project resources in social networks and joining service users in the Telegram chat.

Picture by SOLID P2P

The display of menu items in the user profile has also undergone some changes. Therefore the Authentication section has been moved to Security and connection settings. In addition, users of the service now have the long-awaited possibility of receiving a two-factor authentication code directly in Telegram when authorizing or confirming a withdrawal request.

Picture by SOLID P2P

Note that there is also a new menu item – Preferred currencies. Thus, by specifying the currencies in this field, you can automatically configure the exchange request table to display offers for the selected currencies by default.

selected currencies
Picture by SOLID P2P

A new field called Your current level was added in the Affiliate program section. Raising the level will automatically increase your monthly withdrawal limits.

Picture by SOLID P2P

The platform developers have made communication between chatters as close as possible to correspondence in a typical instant messenger: when you receive new messages, you receive a sound notification and an additional icon highlights the number of messages unread in each chat.

Picture by SOLID P2P

A Create an advertising button has been added to the dashboard, allowing you to use the service with one click immediately after logging into your personal cabinet.

create an ad
Picture by SOLID P2P

A new field of Seller’s Country has been added to the filter displaying trade requests. It will allow you to select the desired targeting to find a counterparty to the exchange operation.

country of sellers
Picture by SOLID P2P

Recently, the Bitcoin exchange rate has fallen significantly, and many crypto investors are seriously considering preserving their capital against the value of fiat currencies. Strong P2P developers have taken care of the option of storing funds in the crypto equivalent of the US dollar. Now, users of the Solid P2P site can exchange USDT cryptocurrency funds in the TRC-20 network, which is widely known for its low exchange fees compared to the ETH-20 network.

Picture by SOLID P2P

In general, the Solid P2P project continues to actively develop. This is why we recommend that you take a close look at this crypto-platform when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange service. Maybe you will find the most favorable trading conditions here on this platform!


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