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SolidusX is a UK-based broker that offers trading for a range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs, ETFs and commodities, and with different trading accounts suitable for beginner traders and professionals.

This multi-asset broker helps traders promote their financial well-being using an innovative trading platform with immediate access to global markets. The principle of SolidusX is to offer investors a reliable trading network to encourage individual wealth expansion and financial control, while achieving common goals.

SolidusX, new innovative trading platform

Additionally, SolidusX has pioneered an innovative trading solution to enable immediate execution trading activity. Our intuitive platform investors with quick access to global markets, prompting gains on various assets.

Why Choose SolidusX Trading Platform?

  1. Liquidity providers

Tier 1 liquidity providers in a tiered approach that leverage real-time order books to build direct and immediate access to global markets. Execution and cash-out are both easy and instantaneous.

  1. Technology

The SolidusX trading platform uses several intuitive features and state-of-the-art technology to provide investors with a seamless experience.


SolidusX’s algorithmic analyzer, Solidifyre, features research-driven results to provide up-to-date asset price insights that drive constructive investment opportunities. This tool analyzes more than 140 technical indicators, performs backtesting, helps with decision making and even reads the news.

Advantages and disadvantages of SolidusX


No transaction fees on deposits and withdrawals, no management or performance fees. Fees are only charged when the user trades. Swaps (overnight premiums) are charged directly on transactions according to global standards and a defined schedule.

Trade cryptos, foreign currencies, major stock indices, commodities and ETFs.

Manage all your financial assets, long and short term in one portfolio.

A platform that uses several intuitive features and state-of-the-art technology to provide investors with a seamless experience. Use of Tier 1 liquidity providers and Solidifyre algorithmic analyzer.

Pay a commission for opening and closing a position which differs depending on your account type, from $1.50 up to zero commission for the Centurion account or higher. No restrictions on short selling and scalping as well as low spreads.

Keep improving with tight spreads by integrating additional liquidity providers and stay competitive. Clients can access tight spreads when they upgrade their accounts.

Leverage caps for new clients are set as per regulations with 2:1 on Crypto, 5:1 on Stocks, 10:1 on Commodities, 20:1 on Indices and 30:1 on major Forex pairs. Take advantage of trading and easily access the world’s most popular instruments, ranging from the most popular pairs, like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY to crypto trading and new light coins from the world. gold and silver to the Dow Jones and other ETFs.

Personal treatment to trade safely and successfully. Comprehensive advice on opening crypto wallets.

Initial credit card deposits are available for Mastercard and Visa from 300 to 2500. All withdrawals are processed up to 48 hours, crypto transfers typically take up to 30 minutes to verify and appear in your wallet (in depending on the load of requests at the time).

SolidusX Elite Pillars are 100% trader-safe based applying top-notch protocols to ensure trader safety at all times. A valuable feature is a trading app that enables fingerprint security and facial recognition for easy and secure login. Additionally, traders can take advantage of fiat wallet or cold storage solutions to eliminate any worries about full-time exposure and all investor funds are kept in segregated accounts.

SolidusX award – the mobile trading application has received many positive reviews and generally excellent feedback since its launch. The app has a fully customizable dashboard, fingerprint login and live pricing. It also provides advanced real-time mobile-optimized charts, comprehensive order ticket functionality, and a convenient notification center designed to keep users updated on the latest trends and developments.

The inconvenients:

Trading accounts for all levels of traders

There is a suitable solution for everyone!

All traders are different. All accounts serve different needs and purposes.

SolidusX has different accounts for every trader profile and budget.

Currently, SolidusX offers a special promotion for new customers – before depositing:

Don’t miss the Solidus x Cashback promotion!– For a limited time only.

“Deposit $1000 and Get +$100 Crypto Cashback”* or

Deposit $500 and get +$50 Crypto Cashback”*.

$ Crypto cashback will be reflected in the customer’s balance

Open your account

Human treatment and honest advice SolidusX Trading Platform Offerssupport via chat site, email and investor phone support

, especially when the markets are more volatile, and always focused on how the user wants to invest their money and achieve financial prosperity. Every trader will have the corresponding advice they need. Provide technical support for the user to make investments like a professional, thus helping newbies who have not been in the industry for a long time to earn profit.

  1. Become a partner of one of the following programs:

Referral programs:

  1. If you are an existing SolidusX investor, you can personally invite more traders to join the broker. Existing investors will receive a certain percentage of cashback on the initial referral deposit.

Business Partnership (IB Program):

  1. Our Introducing Broker (IB) program appoints an account manager to help IBs grow their business, with the added benefit of applying spread and commission mark-ups to generate additional revenue from their trading activity. customer. SolidusX takes care of all administrative tasks.

Business partnership:

SolidusX compensates its customers for referring more customers or driving them to join. With each qualified referral, the client is likely to receive the best commission cuts or revenue shares. SolidusX offers top level referral advice and the best commission structure to help clients achieve their revenue expectations.

Final thoughts on SolidusX To summarize, SolidusX

is a safe and secure choice for beginners and professionals alike, its team of experts provides you with all the necessary advice and assistance you need to expand your portfolio. With a growing number of digital assets and advanced trading tools, you’ll have the confidence to trade with a focus on a more optimistic financial future.

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