Stock trading ahead of the IPO appears to be a bullish indicator for the crypto XRP


The creator of the XRP (XRP-USD) piece of money, Ripple Labs, has been top of mind for accredited investors lately as a number of pre-initial (IPO) crypto brands heat up. Indeed, crypto-related platforms and unlisted blockchains have seen renewed interest ahead of their respective IPOs, and Ripple Labs has seen the most. Despite the renewed attention, the crypto XRP has fallen slightly in recent days.

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So what’s going on with XRP lately?

Well, despite high trading volume lately, XRP has yet to see any gains related to investor interest in Ripple. Indeed, accredited investors – those able to buy shares of as-yet-unlisted companies – have recently invaded crypto operators.

Companies like BlockFi, Dapper Laboratories and kraken have each experienced a private equity boom of late. Some are still hoping that the pre-IPO gains will trickle down to the crypto market itself.

What else should you know about XRP and Ripple?

XRP Crypto Back Token Creator Ripple Fans on Linqto

Pre-IPO news arrives via Linqto, a private equity trading platform specializing in early technology companies. For example, before the crypto trading platform Coinbase (NASDAQ:PIECE OF MONEY) listed last year, Coinbase stock was trading on Linqto at around $32 per share. For context, COIN stock is trading on the Nasdaq at $166 at the time of writing.

Nick Burrafato, Director of Digital Asset Sales at Linqto, explained Linqto’s process. “We don’t act as a broker, but rather we put our money up front and buy shares of pre-IPO tech companies from early founders, investors and employees who need to liquidate shares for whatever reason – this maybe to buy a house or send a child to college,” Burrafato said.

According to Linqto, Ripple has apparently passed the pack as the most popular pre-IPO crypto investment. In fact, over $50 million of private equity in Ripple has been traded on Linqto since the platform went live in 2020.

Ripple’s management has repeatedly hinted that it will go public in the near future. Unfortunately, a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple late 2020 has since delayed its IPO plans.

XRP fans are likely disappointed with the crypto’s relative inaction in the face of Ripple’s private equity boom. That said, XRP is currently up slightly, less than 1% on the day.

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