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New York, Aug. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lance Abrams, one of the foremost stock trading experts, recently hosted a webinar with several renowned commodity trading experts, which focused on the impact that cryptocurrencies can have on stock markets over the long term.

During the invite-only session, Lance Abrams spoke with other stock trading experts about how cryptocurrencies have driven investors into a rat race in recent months. He noted that the novelty of digital currencies combined with stories of massive gains for those who got in early sparked a frenzy that more experienced investors were better equipped to resist.

Caution paid off in this case, with the price of Bitcoin dropping almost 50% from its high in early 2022. When discussing the psychology behind the market move, Abrams turned to highly respected global gold trading expert Mikhail Peleg.

Sharing his insights, Peleg admitted that it was clear to him that the crypto boom was mostly speculation. He noted that things like this remind us that true stores of value, such as gold, must always remain front and center as a pillar of global economic stability.

One participant asked about the possibility of digital currency replacing paper notes and coins entirely, which many cryptocurrency evangelists believe will eventually happen as governments seek to take control of cryptocurrencies. criminal activities and tax evasion.

Mikhail Peleg agreed that the eventual decline of fiat currency is a possibility, but not for some time. If and when that happens, demand for physical gold will increase as investors turn to a fungible, stable store of value that retains liquidity in global markets.

Abrams and Peleg agreed that human beings have recognized the value of gold for millennia and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Gold has always been part of any savvy investor’s portfolio, and it always will be, come what may.

About Lance Abrams:
Lance Abrams is an independent stock trading expert renowned for his unique ability to read the market. With a background and experience gained over 40 years of trading in the financial and commodity markets, Abrams is a consultant and advisor to numerous international hedge fund managers, bullion banks, administrators and metals traders around the world. whole world.


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