The Inspirational Life Story of Stock Trading Expert Tripti Soni


Stock trading is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. Above all, it has the reputation of being an alternative source of income that even attracts people who already have a job. As simple as it is accessible to everyone, learning the art of stock trading is also difficult. Tripti Soni is a renowned stock market expert and entrepreneur from India. She has earned her names as the leading stock market expert in the country. Its current boom can be explained by the simple fact that it has helped many people overcome their economic burden and also provided financial security for the future. It’s also how people can retire early while saving a lot of money for later without working under any boss.

Tripti was born in Jaipur and also completed her education there. Tripti is one of the best examples of personal success. Apart from excelling in her studies, she was also successful in sports representing the national tennis team as well. Her dream has always been to be financially independent and successful enough to provide this opportunity to other less fortunate people as well. After completing major studies in Finance, she got her first job as a relationship manager at Axis Bank where she worked for almost three years. In the meantime, she also participated and was certified as an expert in technical analysis by the National Stock Exchange. Tripti learned trading from the best stock trading experts in India and his years of experience were instrumental in his later career. Tripti then founded a company called Trade Matrix Academy – a stock trading advisory services organization. Trade Matrix Academy was launched at the right time and in the right place, as people now have a lot of enthusiasm for stock trading.

Trade Matrix Academy trains people in stock trading, exposing them to the details of how it works in the Indian and international market and educating them on important factors such as technical and fundamental trading analysis, trading psychology, management risk management, money management and price action. Trade Matrix Academy teaches all the basics of trading such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, price action trading, long term investing and swing trading. So far, Trade Matrix Academy has trained over 800 people, including students, housewives, professionals and retirees, and many of them are now full-time stock traders.

Going forward, Tripti Soni plans to expand its business base to other parts of India. At present, the company’s head office is in Jaipur and the company’s first target is to train 5,000 members by the end of 2025. For beginners, stock trading can be intraday and delivery. Intraday trading means that you buy the shares and sell them at the end of the day, while in other cases you hold the shares for a longer period. Intraday trading is fast and requires constant monitoring and Trade Matrix Academy trains you for it. It is imperative that we stay abreast of new political changes, the global economy as well as technological advancements. Although there are evergreen stocks, one should never hesitate to take bold decisions while investing because only risk takers have made history. Trade Matrix trains people to be confident in taking the risk and knowing the exact time to trade. The inspiring story of Tripti soni is a testament to what we can achieve with focus and hard work and we can achieve our ambitions.

The goal and ambition of Trade matrix is ​​to raise awareness of stock trading and make it an increasingly common trading strategy. In the current pandemic, many people lost their jobs and almost millions of them then opened Demat accounts and started trading, but due to lack of proper knowledge, many of them had to do in the face of losses. SEBI even had to ban the margin because of it. Trade Matrix Academy will continue to train and educate more and more people in the future so that they can take advantage of this great economic opportunity.


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