Toinrt Exchange breaks the trail model of the traditional trading platform


There are many issues in the existing head exchanges, and countless users have sent countless comments to these exchanges, but the issues still exist and have not been improved. Therefore, instead of expecting existing major exchanges to adopt our feedback and improve their products and services, we should choose a product that can directly solve these problems and change the status quo of the market.

Toinrt is a diversified trading platform for digital assets, which is completely different from existing exchanges in the market. The structure of the exchange track was decided, and the new exchange did not have the opportunity to take the lead. this is the reason why some investors were not optimistic about the trading path at that time. In retrospect, this is a false proposition, as toinrt and the above exchange are not entirely on the same path. As a unicorn in the crypto circle, it shatters solidified thought and the prestigious toinrt exchange, which is actually the product of the unmet demand of the crypto currency industry.

The business model of spot trading is relatively simple, which mainly depends on the team’s industry acumen, while derivatives trading involves complex financial models and product design, as well as the Financial DNA and the technical background of the founding team, which are the strengths. from you. Toinrt ( is an international multi-contract stock exchange located in New York, USA. Toinrt leads the innovative mode of digital currency trading, provides a variety of mainstream virtual digital currency transactions, and is committed to providing digital currency enthusiasts with a safe, fair, open and efficient blockchain digital asset trading platform! Thanks to the stable technical strength, many investors in the blockchain market have gradually paid attention to the rapid development of toinrt.

Toinrt has strong trading performance, transparent trading experience, rich trading variety, provide toinrt users with better experience, support more than 30 digital asset index trading contracts. All bulls and bears can use flexible leverage and increase returns, settlement of multiple digital assets, provide users with multiple options, stablecoin FX contracts use USDT as margin, monetary standard currency uses assets digital as margin of negotiation.

Among them, the performance of the extreme speed contract, which is the flagship product of the tionrt exchange, is particularly eye-catching. The extreme speed contract has been highly recognized and concerned by the industry since its launch with a fast, efficient, simple and stable way of settling transactions. The high liquidity of toinrt helps to realize the function of price discovery and pay close attention to the forex market. The excellent market makers in the industry provide high-frequency liquidity for toinrt while offering a full VIP level, which can reduce users’ transaction costs and maximize profits.

ANTHONY RICHARD FRANCHINA, COO and President of toinrt, said, “I am very grateful for the success of our first stage, which lays a solid foundation for our next stage of establishing the NFT Metaverse metacosmos. Our team will work together to create a new future digital world.

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