Top 7 Virtual Stock Trading Apps of 2022


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About the 7 Best Virtual Stock Trading Apps

Virtual trading is a method that allows beginners to practice trading without risking real money. It is an evolution of paper trading where investors write down their investments on paper and follow market movements to practice trading. Technological improvements have made it possible to trade real market movements in a simulated environment. Therefore, the practice is to perform stock trading and analysis in a simulated environment. Virtual trading done through a virtual trading app uses a real trading platform used by brokers.

This gives you a crash course in all the commands available. Virtual trading allows you not to risk losing money and at the same time expand your knowledge of trading and finance. Here you will not risk losing money and you will learn the ropes of stock trading without making any investment. Virtual trading apps are designed to help you practice stock trading as a beginner. The best virtual trading apps also let you learn the basics of an exchange like mutual funds, commodities, stocks, futures, and bonds.

Here is the list of the best virtual stock trading apps


Moneybhai is also known as moneycontrol virtual trading app. It offers an intraday trading limit of INR 1 crore, which can be invested in several assets such as mutual funds, stocks, fixed deposits and much more. Moneybhai virtual trading is risk free, one can learn how to lose real money.

It is a special investment simulation platform that allows investors to trade virtual money and learn the art of buying and selling with real-time market data. The platform aims to provide hands-on tours and market learnings and enable clients to make risk-free investments.


Zerodha’s virtual trading app is the perfect solution for getting insights on investing in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and more. Zerodha offers such a range of stocks on many exchanges that you can easily search for your favorites. Largest broker by active clients, market volume and new client acquisition.

They offer an excellent online trading platform, charge low brokerage fees, and are the most transparent brokers. Continuous improvement and innovation have made it the fastest growing fintech company in India. Suitable for all types of investors, including active and passive investors, beginners, active traders and algorithmic traders.


TrakInvest claims to be the world’s first virtual social stock trading platform available on desktop and mobile interface. They have worked with major institutions like IIM, IIT, NIT and ISB as official virtual business partners. The platform provides access to market data from multiple wild exchanges of the world, technical charts, key indices, stock market indicators, top players across the world, brainstorming and opportunities to replicate your investment activity.

This platform is very convenient for beginners to learn the basics of placing an order, order tracking and practical use of charts. Being an absolute beginner, this is the best platform that can help you deeply understand how the stock market works.

graphic mantras

Chart Mantra is a free stock simulation game which is an analytical platform provided by economic conditions. It is one of the main trading games. This game allows you to learn the basics of technical analysis essential for carrying out stock market activities. You can effectively apply your learning when entering the real stock market.

It is a free stock simulation game which is an analytical platform provided by cheap times. It is one of the main trading games. This game allows you to learn the basics of technical analysis essential for carrying out stock market activities. You can effectively apply your learning when entering the real stock market.


Fidelity offers a standard variety of investment products, but futures, commodities, and cryptocurrency traders will need to look elsewhere. Fidelity was founded in 1946 and made its internet debut almost 50 years later. The company has become a significant force in the field of online brokerage. This virtual trading application also provides a range of selection tools for order entry.

This app has always offered investors high value with great research, helpful tools, and lots of educational resources. You can trade stocks, manage portfolios and get real-time quotes with Fidelity India’s virtual trading app. As one of the best virtual trading apps, it also offers online brokerage services along with cash management capabilities.

money jar

A virtual trading simulator that was introduced with the aim of connecting the investing community through its platform. Players receive a certain amount of simulated money upon registration, with which they can search for national stock, place orders, consult tips and manage their portfolio. Moneypot is a scalable virtual trading application that supports stocks and shares for all types of users.

This is a web-based stock market simulation game that is very fun and useful. Money pot aims to connect an online investment community through a social trading platform. It takes almost 10 minutes to execute trades due to price feed delay; however, calculations are based on the prices quoted by the player at the time of ordering.


Sensibull is a platform designed only for options trading and there are various resources, features found on this platform which are designed for options trading such as options trading strategies and others. The platform has all the information related to the options market and the options you want to trade in front of your eyes. You can check the strike price, associated risk, potential profit and loss on the trade, and other options details.

It provides all the essential information such as risk, volatility and profit/loss potential before entering options trading. For example, suppose you think that Nifty will rise 200 points in 14 days, but you don’t know which options strategy will work best. You can then go to the Sensibull platform and enter your market projections and press the Go button.

Final Words: Top 7 Virtual Stock Trading Apps

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