USD/JPY, AMC, ECB and Forex Trading Opportunities for Next Week


The weekly trading target written Sunday at 0.6723 reached its destination and traded at 0.6731 for another 8 pips. From 0.6613 at Sunday’s open, the trade ran 110 pips to 0.6723.


The AMC stock is wrong on 2 items. Okay yesterday. As published, 20.35, 19.65 Vs 18.24 and 17.54. Real 20.93 to 17.84. Required is 6 digits to cover the gaps.

AMC today is trading with short highs and long lows: 20.93, 19.38, 18.61, 17.84, 17.06, 16.29.

Correct today and perfect every day. It takes minutes to factor in and voila rather than billions of hours of video. Where currency trading ends, individual actions and trading begin.

maintained its levels all week as indicated on Sunday: the vital levels of EUR/USD were located at 1.1384, 1.1385 against 1.1524, 1.1530. EUR/USD traded from 1.1494 to 1.1368 and breached 1.1384 by 16 pips.

as written on Sunday, 1.2630, 1.2640 and 1.2651 Vs 1.2826. The real value this week traded from 1.2756 to 1.2636.

USD/JPY Weekly Trading

short 115.56 and 115.63 to target 114.53. USD/JPY hit 115.56 and 115.63 but traded highs of 116.33 or fell 70 pips. For the 3rd time in 11 weekly trades, we are forced to add 1 lot and trade to target. This is a bonus as USD/JPY offers 3rd time for extra profit pips.

USD/JPY starts next week strongly overbought. Today’s close price doesn’t matter from the 115.00-116.00 high as USD/JPY will remain overbought.

The overbought traded down 273 pips and 270 for . The GBP/NZD opened this week at 2.0436 and the EUR/NZD at 1.7298, a spread of 3100 pips.

The current GBP/NZD is trading at 2.0383 and 1.7182 for EUR/NZD or 3200 pips. Correct is 2600 which means more big moves to 600 pips are coming for both pairs.

The big GBP/NZD line above is located at 2.0572 and 1.7342 for EUR/NZD. Deeply overbought, EUR/NZD is the leading pair to help GBP/NZD lower.

The winners this week were as it traded 362 pips from 1.6204 to 1.5842 and 334 pips from 1.9135 to 1.8801.

For next week, EUR/AUD 1.5866, GBP/AUD 1.8836 and 0.7191 are crucial levels for longs and shorts.

The JPY cross pairs are currently trading deep overbought except . as the leader of the JPY cross pairs, it easily targets 155.00 from the current 157.00.

traded at a fairly flat 150 pips this week, the overbought GBP/JPY will then help drive the GBP/USD lower. The broad GBP/USD lines below are located at 1.3449 and 1.3375. The problem with GBP/USD is that it lacks rangeability.

AUD/USD and the trade is oversold and long so far, that’s the way next week. The problematic pair AUD/USD is overbought while NZD/JPY is neutral.

Overbought will help USD/CAD rise next week.

ECB and rates

Negative interest rates are the model of Silvio Gesell in the 1800s. Gesell was brilliant and explained how and why negative interest rates worked. The writings of Silvio Gesell and the book recommended by Gesell are the natural economic order.

Negative interest rates are actually positive rates but factored from a scale less than 0. The scale changed rather than the rates.

The ECB STIR overnight rate is trading from -0.572 to -0.55 or from 0.428 to 0.45. ECB rates would never trade below Fed rates at 0.08 and 0.25. Once the Fed increases, the ECB will increase by a corresponding amount to match the Fed.


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