Vitatoken launched the world’s first cryptocurrency fund trading platform


New York, NY, Oct. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vitatoken is the platform that provides a one-stop solution for exploring the crypto fund market.

There are funds that follow the traditional route which consist of a diversified portfolio and invest in a number of underlying assets. This type of fund can always be classified according to its target sector, such as investing in the tokens with the highest market capitalization, investing in DeFi-related tokens, or investing in metaverse-related tokens. On the other hand, there are funds that invest in a trading strategy specific to decentralized finance, including staking, lending and borrowing on AAVE and Compound, hosting liquidity pools on Uniswap and Curve, etc

Vitatoken is the world’s first and largest crypto fund platform, bringing together and recommending high-quality funds. Vitatoken provides a crypto fund platform that enables fund managers, users and us to achieve a win-win situation.
1. Users can buy popular cryptocurrencies
2. Users can buy well-ranked and rated funds
3. Users can create, manage and grow your funds
Other functions are coming soon.

The benefits of Vitatoken are:

1.Easy and simple. Instead of choosing from over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, just buy approved crypto funds, including DeFi theme fund, Metaverse theme fund, NFT theme fund, etc.

2.Open and transparent. The addresses of the underlying assets and the fund’s transaction records are displayed to ensure that the funds will not be misappropriated, such as the V10 index fund.

3. Safe and reliable. Regulated by national agencies CEZA and FinCEN and audited by Certikthe world’s leading audit agency.

4.Security of Assets, UnionBank escrows funds and helps manage fiat currency withdrawals and deposits. More and more people choose Vitatoken.

Arvin Li
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