WonderFi’s Bitbuy Taps Alpaca to Launch Stock Split Trading in 2023 – WonderFi Technologies (OTC:WONDF)


Bitbuy Technologies Inc.the first approved crypto market in Canada, will allow users to trade and invest in US stocks and ETFs on a fractional basis.

Head quarter WonderFi Technologies Inc. WNDR WONDF recently completed a series of acquisitions, including Bitbuy in January.

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It is now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and is considered the very first regulated digital asset exchange in Canada to do so.

These events cemented WonderFi’s position as a key “gateway to the digital economy”, as co-founder and CEO. Ben Samaroo said at the time.

Additionally, through a newly created relationship with Alpaca, WonderFi will leverage Alpaca’s Broker API to provide Bitbuy customers with the tools to instantly settle and split-trade stocks.

This makes “Bitbuy the first platform in Canada to offer a full suite of crypto trading as well as split trading of U.S. stocks with real-time settlement,” Samaroo said in a statement.

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First funder Kevin O’Leary added that it was “a great decision” that should reduce costs for Canadian investors while providing them with a seamless gateway to “decentralized financial services”, as he said earlier in the article. year.


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