Xult: A gateway to an ultimate crypto trading platform


Following the greatest revolution of the 21st century, the decentralization of financial institutions entered the scene. This has led to the creation of various other cryptocurrencies and multiple digital exchange platforms for trading decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Since then, various crypto exchange platforms have been introduced to the public. However, there were only a few platforms that offered the freedom of trading in the hands of traders. Xult is one such platform that has a motto of allowing traders to trade the way they want.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of the team, Xult was launched as an intuitive platform. Users can enter one of the easiest and most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges and enjoy the benefits of various trading tools by going through a simple registration process on the platform.

A modular dashboard that stands out

Xult’s brand new dashboard is designed to provide users with the ultimate usability. The platform’s easy to use interface allows both beginners and experts to trade seamlessly on the platform. Apart from the dashboard, the performance trading screen is also fully modular, allowing users to enjoy a customizable workflow that suits their needs.

With various options and filters available on the dashboard, traders can change the page layout and choose the visible tabs, and fall in love with the simple yet advanced personalized dashboard that suits their specific preferences.

Keeping digital security top priority, Xult offers a reliable identity verification service, where merchants can take advantage of two-factor authentication (2FA). The latter is a great tool for users to lock down their accounts not only with passwords, but also with an additional layer of verification. This way, users can access the ultimate trading dashboard without having to worry about their account security.

Favorable pricing tables

Xult provides users with a price chart created by TradingView to ensure accuracy and consistency. The board is compatible with all users, from beginners to experts. There are various features applied on the price chart toolbar that make trading easier.

Users can spot a currency selector at the top of the price chart and choose their favorite cryptocurrency pairs along with handy shortcuts. Moreover, users can also simply tap on the symbol of the currency they wish to trade in. Apart from the currency, there is a basic information section about the chosen digital currency, such as 24h change, 24h high and low prices and corresponding volume.

Surrounded by toolbars, the price chart provides an overview of technical analysis tools. The top and bottom ones allow users to choose the style of the chart and set some basic settings, such as the time frame and visible indicator panes. The one on the left integrates various drawing tools allowing users to perform advanced technical analysis.

Key features and its use cases

Xult comes with unique features, as well as its use cases that make trading a piece of cake.

  • Privacy coin support: Xult is on a mission to protect user privacy and offer cryptocurrencies that take protection very seriously. In this way, the platform helps users to trade on the platform without worrying too much about security.
  • Privacy: The algorithms are designed in a way to ensure that users can verify the credibility of the transaction. This will not only benefit the user community, but also secure sensitive merchant information without the need for extensive collection and storage. The Know Your Client regulations make it easier for the platform to collect data that is absolutely necessary to protect users from scams or other illicit transactions.
  • Cost minimization: Xult offers users massive discounts on their transaction fees. To be part of this massive discount, users just need to choose the EXCC cryptocurrency and take advantage of the 50% fee reduction. EXCC is not just another altcoin, but the continuous development and improvement services add more value to the overall project.

About Xult

Xult is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that comes with a user-friendly UI/UX. The Xult ecosystem is integrated with both Xult and ExchangeCoin (EXCC). The latter has been in the market for almost 5 years and has so far built up an excellent community of users. EXCC is a decentralized and open-source token that easily verifies its code and the intentions of its developer.

Regarding Xult as a platform, it offers users various features and use cases mentioned above. These features provide multiple benefits to users such as “quick trading” which allows traders to place orders of their choice, “wallets” which control the balance of digital currencies in wallets and “history” tab to track all previous operations.

Additionally, “Performance Trading” ensures that users are open to an advanced interface that allows placing orders with specific parameters. With the “market” feature, traders can access the chart that highlights quotes for all digital currency pairs supported by the platform.

All of these together allow Xult to be a hassle-free trading platform with users enjoying the freedom of optimal trading.

For more information about Xult, visit the following sites:

Website: https://xult.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XultExchange

Telegram: https://t.me/xult_com

GitHub: https://github.com/EXCCoin

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/3Zs8AfqUby

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.


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