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New ‘Tim & Max The Globe: The Ultimate Trading Bromance ‘ The video campaign tells the story of a humorous relationship between Tim (a 38-year-old man) and Max, his unexpected roommate: a giant anthropomorphic globe.

This giant anthropomorphic globe is the new mascot of the TMGM ‘Max The Globe’ brand. “As we were discussing the angles of our brand campaign, the idea of ​​a mascot came up very early on,” commented Angelo D’Alessio, Director of Marketing. “In such a serious industry, we’re fans of using humor to stand out – a strategy that has worked for us so far. In 2020, TMGM changed its name with the slogan “Trade The World”. The concept of “Max The Globe” supports the new branding and is an extension of the brand’s slogan. “

The new video series features unexpected humorous moments of the unlikely couple’s “roommate” relationship in short commercials.

Andrea Faleburle, Global Marketing Manager, explains the concept: “The premise is that Max is so good at trading that everyone expects him to be just as good at everything else. The irony becomes evident as soon as you watch the videos: His large, curvaceous body and height makes him goofy and awkward in a goofy and endearing way. I can’t say much else just now, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

The integrated marketing campaign will run across digital, social media and print for maximum visibility. With plans to integrate user-generated content, social media subscribers and clients of TMGM will have the opportunity to submit ideas for the video series. The winner’s “vision” will come to life in the following TMGM videos.

“If you’ve seen the movie ‘E.T’ before, then you’ll immediately feel ‘Max The Globe’,” says Sponsorship Manager Jasmyna Mercer. “Much like the major film that navigates the life of an alien creature on Earth, we explored the idea of ​​a world where it’s normal for a giant anthropomorphic globe to exist. Mercer continues, “The show is a lot of fun. Fans can also enjoy the comedic style of the videos, with interview shots resembling an iconic TV series, “The Office.”

You can expect to see ‘Max The Globe’ in more than one location. Namely, during live event activations at AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Fan Village in Singapore and AO22 Melbourne Park in Australia.

CEO Lee Yu is optimistic about the execution of the next step in the company’s global expansion strategy, commenting, “TMGM has grown rapidly, especially last year. The company now averages over $ 200 billion in traded volume per month and our customer base has grown steadily. This creative campaign is an important part of our international multi-market strategy to engage online traders around the world. “

TMGM will build on the adventures and misadventures of “Max The Globe” in 2022. See the Tim & Max video series at TMGM.COM/MAX

For more information and to learn more about the benefits of being a TMGM customer, visit TMGM.COM


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